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Combat Loss Groupings

Combat Loss Groupings (CLG for short) is a concept among MechWarriors in the BattleTech universe; the term is also used for the condition it describes.

CLG postulates that BattleMechs in a combat situation would suffer roughly equal amounts of damage over the course of the engagement, and therefore reach critical damage levels all around the same time. The unit as such will remain at full strength until CLG is reached, at which point further damage will begin to incapacitate or destroy 'Mechs, weaken the unit and cause enemy fire to be concentrated on ever fewer 'Mechs in the unit, creating a cascade effect that will cause extreme losses within a very short timeframe compared to little or no losses up to that point in battle.

MechWarriors are therefore wary of CLG, and seek to either decide a battle or withdraw in good order before the CLG threshold is reached.