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Connor DeLon

Connor DeLon
Born 3027
Affiliation DeLon Stables
Parents Thomas DeLon (father)

Connor DeLon was owner of the DeLon Stables on Solaris during and after the Jihad.[1]


As the son of the famed Thomas DeLon he led the DeLon Stables after the death of his farther. During the occupation of Solaris through the Word of Blake's Operation SHOWTIME his stable (together with the Silver Dragon Stables) were part of the Solaris Home Defense League. During the occupation, most of the financial and other forms of support could be traced directly to DeLon Stables.

After Solaris was liberated, both the Kuritan stables agreed to help each other and work together when necessary to rebuild the Kobe district. The two stables devoted much of their profits to repairing the damage inflicted by the Word of Blake on the Kobe district. On 27 May 3072 Connor DeLon, suspected of having ties with organized crime, was detained and accused of having orchestrated a series of bombings that destroyed property that he (or his associate Erik Gray) owned,[2] in order to manipulate construction contracts. During his trial, the theory was that Connor was planning to recover any lost revenue by defrauding the citizens of Solaris and local businesses during the reconstruction. He was released when Aldis Bromley confessed to framing Connor for personal reasons.[1]

In 3076 Connor oversaw three fighters who had made it into the Solaris Top Twenty. His stable was making lots of money, and he continued the policy of dedicating some of those profits to rebuilding the Kobe district. At this time he had allowed the official partnership with Silver Dragon Stables to lapse, but rumors suggested that the two stables still worked together unofficially.

Connor was also the leader of a Yakuza family on Solaris.[3]



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