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Product information
Type Anthology
Author Christian Grainger
Jason Hardy
John Helfers
Chris Hussey
Kevin Killiany
Philip A. Lee
Steven Mohan Jr.
Blaine Lee Pardoe
Ben Rome
Jason Schmetzer
Phaedra Weldon
Development Jason Schmetzer (Editor)
Pages 336
Cover artwork Anthony Scroggins (art)
Matt Heerdt (design)
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35804
First published 14 August 2014
MSRP 12.95 US$
Series BattleCorps anthologies
Preceded by Fire for Effect
Followed by Front Lines

Counterattack (subtitle: BattleCorps Anthology Volume 5) is a print anthology of 12 short stories previously published via BattleCorps throughout 2008, plus one previously unpublished story (High-Value Target). As usual, it also includes a foreword ("Forward") and an "About the Authors" section.

From the back coverEdit

A Star League Gunslinger fights against overwhelming odds during a rebellion. A dauntless warrior faces his most painful trial yet, far from home and all but alone. Mercenaries, betrayed from within, lash out at all who threaten them. And the Word of Blake, always present, plots and schemes and maneuvers allies against each other.

Thirteen stories of combat, honor, betrayal and death fill the pages of Counterattack: BattleCorps Anthology Volume 5.

Savvy readers will recognize now-familiar names in BattleTech lore among the authors: Steven Mohan Jr., Kevin Killiany, Phaedra Weldon, Jason Schmetzer, Jason Hardy and Blaine Lee Pardoe. These writers have shaped the direction of the BattleTech universe. In 2008, with these stories, they took the fictional storylines of the BattleTech universe and fought back. They told the stories that demonstrated the indomitable will that has carried BattleTech readers across more than 25 years of publication.



  • The cover image depicts a scene from the story Godfather, in which a rebel Marik Awesome confronts Nathan's Rifleman with Sergeant Ramirez's Hunchback already downed during the final confrontation.