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Covenant's Commandos

Covenant's Commandos
Unit Profile (as of 3073)
CO Captain Matthew Covenant
JumpShips No
DropShips No
Aerospace No
Armor No
Infantry No


Covenant's Commandos were formed in an unknown date by Captain Matthew Covenant from orphans of other shattered mercenary units.[1]

The unit was seen battling elements of the Word of Blake's 44th Shadow Division in the rubble of Avalon City in New Avalon.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Covenant's Commandos
Captain Matthew Covenant 3073[1]


No specific tactics are known for this unit.

Composition HistoryEdit

Unknown, but by his commanding's officer rank (Captain) the unit is probably Company size.[citation needed]


  • No logo was ever designed for the unit


Game RulesEdit

No specific rules do apply for this unit.


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