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Covenant Worlds

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The Covenant Worlds was a 32nd century proto-nation, consisting of worlds of the former Republic of the Sphere after its collapse. The Covenant Worlds were located between the border of the Lyran Commonwealth and the Clan Protectorate of the Free Worlds League.[1]

Covenant Worlds
Faction Profile
Time period:
Controlled systems: 8
Capital world: Miaplacidus
Ruler title: President of the Court of Parliament
Secret Service:

The confederation consisted, as of 3138, of eight worlds, with capital worlds of Bordon, Miaplacidus, Nathan, Acubens, Connaught, Alphard, and later Savannah and Remulac. It was founded in 3137 and governed by Governor Tiago Paragon of Miaplacidus, as President of the Court of Parliament. The leader of its armed forces is given the title of Warden.


The proto-nation was part of a secret plan of then Paladin Thaddeus Marik of the Republic of the Sphere. To create Safe Neighborhoods for worlds outside of the Republic, once Exarch Jonah Levin collapsed in October 3135. In reality, this was not to recreate "republic friendly neighborhoods", but Thaddeus attempt to begin process unification of the Free Worlds League. Covenant Worlds became his home, base of his operations. With intentions to unify the other proto-nations in joining together. However, this failed due to the Senatorial Alliance cutting of his worlds and taking of his home world of Augustine.

Originally consisting of three worlds (Miaplacidus, Nathan & Alphard). Government originally worked out offices on Tesla City's Miaplacidus Christian Liberal College. Then moving to anonymous building down the street from the collage called the Court of Parliament.

By October 3137, Thaddeus Marik felt that then five world state would not be able to fend off others if planned to survive. Thaddeus travelled on diplomatic mission to Oriente Protectorate to broker a economic-military alliance. The alliance was cemented in way he not estimated. The in normal alliance being signed, as partners and equals. Thaddeus was asked to marry Captain-General Jessica Marik. He accepted, it as political marriage which elevated Covenant Worlds status and strength ties between the two alliances.

In February 3138, Thaddeus returns to the Covenant Worlds to muster his nations militaries to form what would become that nation first joint expedition force to aide Oriente with its Andurien War. The expedition became the Covenant 1st Expeditionary Force. The unit's first action was to secure the planets Savannah[2] and Remulac from Lyrans control in May. The worlds became part of Covenant Worlds.

Fighting on with battles in Andurien War taking worlds of El Giza and Mosiro

Ex-Force, as it self-given nickname for Expedition, invaded El Giza in June, where they fought the planet's 4th Andurien Cavalry. The El Giza's unusual terrain favored the smaller unit, using attack & fade tactics to slow down the defenders.[3]

Middle of July, the Ex-Force fought brutal battle for the planet against 2nd Andurien Guard and Mosiro Planetary Militia (MPM) in commercial center of the city of Al-Hassam.[4] The Andurien force fought from building to building, effecting destroying most commercial areas. MPM continue fighting in underground traffic tunnels beneath the city.

Members of the Court of Parliament and President journeyed Atreus for the 3rd July, 3139 for swearing in of Jessica Marik as new Captain-General of the newly unified Free Worlds League.

The Covenant Worlds became a part of the Free Worlds League. Their symbol was a purple Marik eagle with five silver stars around its head. In September 3139 the Covenant Worlds were attacked by the forces of the Wolf Empire. During the fighting Thaddeus Marik was killed.[5]


Unknown to most, Thaddeus Marik had planned the creation of the Covenant Worlds, along with five others. This was in attempt to begin the formation of reunified Free Worlds League by Thaddeus. Which later succeeded in 3139, which Covenant Worlds becoming major partner-state within it.

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