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Crescent Moon


Described as a "katana sword"[1], Crescent Moon is a ritual sword that was given to the first House Master of Warrior House Hiritsu at the formation of the House by Dainmar Liao, the 23rd Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation.

Only the current House Master is allowed to touch the artifact.

Crest of House Hiritsu
House Hiritsu's crest prominently depicts a sword, which does not however resemble a katana in the strictest sense. It could still be speculated that the sword depicted may be Crescent Moon, may be inspired by it or may at least represent it.


In 3047, during the tenure of House Master Virginia York, 13-year-old Aris Sung stole Crescent Moon from the Hiritsu stronghold on Randar, to prove his worthiness to be accepted into House Hiritsu. When he was captured, the sword was missing; he had hidden it by taping it underneath the House Master's seat. She ordered him to return it after she left the room, and he is implied to have done so.

In 3058, after the conclusion of House Hiritsu's invasion of Kaifeng, Aris Sung used the same sword (borrowed from the cabin of Battalion Leader Ty Wu Non) to execute the murderer of House Master York, defying the forbiddance to touch it once again; he felt it was fitting that the killer of the House Master should die by the House Master's sword.


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