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Crimson Reapers

Crimson Reapers
Unit Profile (as of 2892)
JumpShips Unknown
DropShips Unknown
Aerospace Unknown
Armor Unknown
Infantry Unknown


The Crimson Reapers were a mercenary unit that was routed by Capellan Confederation while under contract with the Free Worlds League and that decided to broke their contract after that.

After raided for supplies, they sought refuge in Astrokaszy in 2892. The shattered mercenary command brought with them a heavy influence of predominantly Muslim beliefs and customs. Soon after landing, various commanders began to feud amongst themselves about how to use their limited resources to colonize the planet ending the existence of the unit as such. They fragmented into smaller and smaller groups, the commands were scattered across the northern deserts, eventually becoming the ancestors of the nomadic tribes and city-states that existed for centuries.[1][2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Crimson Reapers



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