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Dagda (Clan System)

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(References to Dagda) Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Dagda nearby systems (3151)
Dagda nearby systems (3151)
(Map Legend)
System Information
X:Y Coordinates -132.266 : 1603.856[e]
Spectral class K4V[1][2]
Recharge time 195 hours[1][2]
Planets 8[1][2]

The Dagda system is the location of a habitable world, Dagda III, and as at 3085 was located in the Deep Periphery region known as the Clan Homeworlds.

System DescriptionEdit

In relation to the capital of the Clan Homeworlds, Strana Mechty, Dagda is located at the coordinates -164:-181.[3] The Dagda system consists of an F9V class primary named "Tuath" orbited by eight worlds.[1][4]

System HistoryEdit

Political AffiliationEdit



  • Clan Goliath Scorpion (75%)[7]
  • Clan Star Adder (25%)[7]


  • Clan Star Adder[8]

Dagda IIIEdit

Dagda III
System position 3rd[1][4][2]
Jump point
4.31 days[1][2]
Moons 2[1][2] (Aine and Mebd)[2]
Surface gravity 2.0[4][1]
Atmospheric pressure Low (Breathable)[4][1][2]
Equatorial temperature 25°C[4][1] (Cool-Temperate)[2]
Surface water 60%[4][1]
Highest native life Mammals[4][2]
Population 1,250,000 (2801)[9]
440,000 (2821)[2]
115,000 (2834)[10]

Dagda III - more commonly known simply as Dagda - has been held by, and contested by, several Clans at the same time for the majority of its history as a settled world.[1]

Political HistoryEdit

Discovery and SettlementEdit

In August 24th, 2786 the Exodus Fleet of the SLDF led by General Aleksandr Kerensky discovered Dagda and the rest of the star systems that makes up what they would call the Pentagon Worlds. Dagda was first settled on the 17th of September by the first of the weary passengers and soldiers of the SLDF.[11] Dagda was the fourth world of the Pentagon to be settled, it was named by settlers for the Irish pantheon of luck. The planet, due to rich mineral resources, became the principal mining world for what became the Star League-In-Exile. The Exile settlers used high-tech life support equipment to exploit the uplands where the atmosphere of the planet was very thin.

Pentagon/Exodus Civil War and DevastationEdit

The Exodus Civil War in 2801, the war devastated the population, especially those who depended on the sophisticated life support systems.[12] By 2821 there were nine significant political factions or groupings active on the planet: the Hailes Commonwealth, Oriente Dominion, Imbros Collectives, McMillan Collective, The Chosen, Brotherhood of Donegal, The Drakkars, Mimosa Atoll and Penn Atoll.[2]

Operation KLONDIKEEdit

The 4 Clans assigned to liberate Dagda during Operation KLONDIKE were Clan Burrock, Clan Fire Mandrill, Clan Goliath Scorpion, and Clan Widowmaker.

Wars of ReavingEdit

In early 3067 Kindraa Kline found itself in a perilous position; two of Kindraa Mick-Kreese's Clusters, the Eleventh Battle Force and the Thirty-second Vanguard Battle Cluster joined Iota Galaxy of Clan Blood Spirit in a joint attack against a Clan Star Adder holding on Tathis. Envious of the growing prosperity that Kindra Mick-Kreese was undergoing as a result of their increasing association with the Blood Spirits, two ad-hoc Clusters of troops from Kindraa Kline, formed from elements of the Twenty-seventh, Thirty-first and Forty-second Vanguard Clusters journeyed from Foster and Shadow and dropped into the battle raging between the Star Adders and the Blood Spirit/Mick-Kreese force. This caused all of those involved to suffer some friendly fire, and ultimately left the two ad-hoc Kline Clusters at less than a quarter of their pre-battle strength when they finally departed. This represented a serious reduction in military capability for Kindraa Kline and left them obviously open to predation from other Clans, particularly the Star Adders, who shared enclaves with Kindra Kline on Dagda. Faced with the prospect of annihilation, either at the hands of the Star Adders or others, and manipulated by Jas Keller, Kindra Kline accepted the inevitable and were absorbed by Kindra Mick-Kreese, forming Kindraa Mick-Kreese-Kline.[13]

In May 3071, following the formal Abjurement of Clan Wolf by the Grand Council in April, Clans Coyote, Goliath Scorpion and Steel Viper jockeyed among themselves for position in performing the Abjuration. Clan Coyote was successful in defeating both the Goliath Scorpion and Steel Viper bids, intent on proceeding with a prior agreement struck between Khan Dana Kufahl of the Coyotes and Khan Vlad Ward of the Wolves that would allow the wolves to extract much of their resources from the Homeworlds within minimal violence. These plans went awry when Clans Blood Spirit, Cloud Cobra and Steel Viper decided that the Coyotes were being too slow in the execution of the Abjurement and forced the issue by attacking the remaining Wolf enclaves across the various Homeworld planets.[13]

The Clan Wolf forces on Dagda consisted of a Star of solahma warriors defending the W-9 industrial complex. Clan Cloud Cobra attempted to seize the complex using the Ninety-ninth Battle Cluster from Omicron Galaxy, but discovered that the labyrinthine structure strongly favored the Wolf warriors, who were intimately familiar with it; under the command of Star Captain Nobel, the solahma warriors spent two days stalking the Cloud Cobra warriors and dropping them one at a time. The battle escalated after the second day with Clan Blood Spirit deployed the Forty-second Crimson Vanguard Cluster to try and seize the factory, clashing with the Ninety-ninth Battle Cluster as they both tried to kill the last two solahma warriors. The two Wolf warriors retreated to the heart of the complex before being captured, and fought to the death when cornered; the resulting explosion shattered the industrial complex and gutted both attacking Clusters, reducing the Ninety-ninth to less than a Binary of survivors.[14]

In 3072 the Society moved to take power within the Clan Homeworlds, and Dagda was one of the first worlds targeted by them; unbeknownst to the warrior caste, Dagda was a Society bastion, a world containing various sites were production and research were conducted out of sight of the warriors, utilizing nests that had been forgotten.[15] By the end of January Dagda had gone dark, with all communications with other worlds stopped.[16] This was a pattern being repeated on other worlds; some HPG stations lost their connection to the main grid, while others were sabotaged via internal explosions. On Dagda the HPG went offline for some four days as a result of technical glitches.[17]

At some point after Dagda went dark a volcano known as Mount Hades erupted on Dagda, inflicting substantial damage on the Goliath Scorpion mining operations there. In late November 3073 Khan Ariel Suvorov of the Goliath Scorpions followed up on negotiations with Khan Connor Rood of Clan Ice Hellion over the Absorption of the weaker Clan by leading a small task force consisting of the Twenty-fourth Scorpion Cuirassiers and the Cameron-class battlecruiser CGS Hephaestus to attempt to negotiate a similar Absorption of Clan Fire Mandrill. Suvorov's forces encountered a Coyote naval Star in the Shadow system, along with no sign of any of Clan Fire Mandrill on what had been their homeworld; unwilling to face down a larger military force that refused to respond to attempts to communicate, Suvorov continued on to Dagda. Suvorov already knew that the eruption of Mount Hades in the Satan's Table region of Dagda had badly affected her Clan's mining operations, but had received no word from the two major undersea manufacturing complexes her Clan operated on the planet.[18]

What Suvorov discovered on arrival was that not only had almost two thirds of the mineral production been lost, but many undersea enclaves had been shattered and the planet had apparently been subjected to prolific orbital bombardment, leaving the ecosystem unstable and in decline. Some of Clan Fire Mandrill had managed to survive on the planet, but the highest-ranking individual Suvorov could make contact with was Star Colonel Hampton Shcroeder, along with a small group of scientists, technicians and warriors at Folke. Suvorov rescued the survivors, packing them in aboard the Haphaestus and her attendant DropShips. Star Colonel Schroeder and the Scorpion Khan then fought a Trial of Possession to decide the result of an offer of an Absorption into the Goliath Scorpions for the surviving Fire Mandrill personnel; conducted as a boxing match, the Trial was a victory for Suvorov, who downed Schroeder several rounds into the match.[18]

Suvorov subsequently dispatched three more convoys of vessels to Dagda to remove as many of the Absorbed Fire Mandrill civilians as possible; the last of these convoys, a four-JumpShip fleet, was ambushed in the Dagda system by a force from the Bandit Caste as the convoy readied for departure in late January 3074. As a result of the ambush more than ten thousand civilians were killed. The revelation of just how catastrophic the damage was at Dagda accelerated the Absorption of the Ice Hellions by the Scorpions, as it was obvious to the Scorpion Clan Council that the remaining Ice Hellion assets - bother personnel and material - had more value than originally estimated.[18]

The Scorpions continued to maintain a presence on Dagda, including a genetic repository or research site. Bedeviled by Society tampering that left the percentage of their uncontaminated Bloodname legacies at less than ten percent, Clan Cloud Cobra began systematically targeting other Clans in small Trials to obtain new genetic legacies while researching possible alternatives. By early 3078, the Cloud Cobra scientists had identified that genetic material from a large number of Ice Hellion genetic legacies, now held by the Scorpions, would help rebuild the Cloud Cobra stock. The Cloud Cobras began targeting the Scorpions in earnest, and soon discovered that the Scorpions were experimenting with blending genetic material from the Eridani Light Horse mercenary unit in with their own legacies. Khan Hollyann Kaardaan denounced the Scorpions to the Grand Council, successfully calling for the Abjurement of the Scorpions; as the other Clans targeted Scorpion material resources, the Cloud Cobras targeted Scorpion Blood Chapels and genetic legacies. This included seizing material from the genetic repository on Dagda in early 3078.[19]

Military DeploymentEdit



Industrial CentersEdit

Notable SpeciesEdit

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Nearby SystemsEdit

Closest 20 systems (5 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Babylon 9.2 Eden 10.0 Circe 14.6 Arcadia 17.3
Fasa 24.3 Radulov 74.9 EC821-387D 148.1 Shadow 195.7
Brim 196.8 Zara 202.4 Albion 205.4 Lum 206.9
Gatekeeper 207.0 York 212.2 Foster 218.8 Ironhold 227.5
Delios 231.9 Strana Mechty 232.3 Colleen 234.4 Huntress 238.0


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