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Daggers of Death

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The subject of this article is exclusively described in apocryphal sources, i.e. in official BattleTech products that do not fall under the current definition of canon. Consequently, the subject of this article may not be canonical.
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The Daggers of Death were a mercenary unit in the late Succession Wars era, in the employ of House Kurita as of 3027. Recruited from Draconis Combine worlds, this mercenary unit was not regarded as outsiders within the Combine.[1]

Daggers of Death
Unit Profile (as of 3027)
CO Colonel Joab Keen


In 3027, the Daggers of Death staged an ill-fated attack against Galtor III that was repulsed with heavy losses. Shortly afterwards, they were called upon to defend their garrison world (Scheat V according to sources) against a House Davion attack that was apparently part of the Operation Galahad 3027 wargames. They held the line against a superior foe, but suffered further losses in that action.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Daggers of Death
Colonel Joab Keen 3027[1]




As of 3027, around the time of the attack on Galtor III, the Daggers of Death were a "short regiment" (more accurately, a short battalion) consisting of two twelve-'Mech companies.[1]

  • Company A
  • Company B
    • Captain Rodgers: Dragon (maimed on Galtor)
    • Lieutenant Morgan Falk: Griffin (Lance leader of Company B Fire Lance)
    • Lieutenant Alaya Addison: Panther (promoted to Captain in command of Company B after Galtor, switched to Schroyer's Thunderbolt)
    • Sergeant Fellini: Phoenix Hawk
    • Takai: Crusader
    • Lander: Rifleman
    • Lisa Cummings: Centurion (KIA on Galtor)
    • Schroyer: Thunderbolt (crippled on Galtor, lost both eyes)
    • Rodrigo: Stinger (later switched to Addison's Panther)
    • Chu: Orion
    • Iannamico (KIA on Galtor)


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The Daggers of Death feature only in one story in the BattleTechnology magazine. BattleTechnology used to be fully canon, but is not currently counted among the (fully) canonical sources anymore. The magazine, and by extension its content such as this unit, must therefore be considered apocryphal.