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Dalma Humphreys

Between 57 and 65 years old in 3076
Dalma Humphreys
Born uncertain, between 3011 and 3019[1]
Died 3086[2]
Affiliation House Humphreys
Duchess of Andurien
Parents Richard Humphreys (father)
Elala Cisne (mother; apocryphal)
Siblings Steven Humphreys[3]
(possibly also Danai Centrella[4])

Dalma Humphreys was a 31st century noblewoman from the Free Worlds League and the political leader of the Duchy of Andurien therein.

Character DescriptionEdit

In her youth she was described as a determined and pragmatic woman, who by all accounts was a model Free Worlds League citizen. Over the decades of politics, she became more like her grandmother, Dame Catherine Humphreys, in her suspicion of League politics.

Character HistoryEdit

Early Life & Political CareerEdit

Dalma was born into political dynasty charged in the protection of all things Andurien. She was the daughter of Richard Humphreys, who in turn was the fifth child of Dame Catherine Humphreys of the Duchy of Andurien.

Although conflicting sources give the year of her birth between 3011 and 3019, Dalma was in any case born to a very young father; Richard Humphreys himself was only born in 2998.

Apocryphal Content Starts

The information after this notice comes from apocryphal sources; the canonicity of such information is uncertain.
Please view the reference page for information regarding their canonicity.

According to the apocryphal German novels Präludium and Gier, Dalma was born ca. 3019 (being 10 years old in 3029) to Richard Humphreys and Elala Cisne. The (very young) couple had considered an illegal abortion, but were found out. Dame Catherine Humphreys subsequently separated them, by raising Dalma like her own child, sending Elala to Andarmax in the Capellan Confederation where her livelihood was covertly provided by an Andurien-sponsored job as a reporter, and exiling Richard to Kanata. This caused a rift between Catherine and her son Richard.

Richard was recalled from exile in 3029 to marry Emma Centrella on his mother's orders, but he refused and focused on reuniting with Elala, a quest in which Emma actually helped him. However, when Richard finally found Elala on Andarmax, she had become a full Capellan citizen, had married a Capellan man, and was a member of the Ash Witch cult. Richard was prepared to join the cult to be with her, but when his identity was revealed the ultra-nationalistic cult took him as a hostage against the attacking Duchy of Andurien. Richard was rescued by Emma Centrella in a fight where Elala fired a gun at the rescuers and killed one of Richard's bodyguards. On Richard's request she was later released and allowed to move into the Capellan Confederation with her husband.

Apocryphal Content Ends

After the Andurien Wars in which Dalma's grandmother tried to secede the Duchy of Andurien from the Free Worlds League, only to have her realm re-conquered by the League, the Duchy had a federally-appointed governor installed. Dame Catherine Humphreys passed away before her trial took place. Her son Richard, Dalma's father, did not succeed her because he was considered too close to the "Canopus affair", the doomed alliance between the Duchy and the Magistracy of Canopus that had led to a costly war.

Not having the taint of her family who was involved in rebellion against the League, Dalma actively supported then-new Captain-General Thomas Marik. She was seen as a patriotic and stoic individual in affairs concerning the League.[5]

Dalma Humphreys in her younger days

As the Ruler of AndurienEdit

In 3048, Dalma reclaimed the family's title of leader of the Duchy of Andurien. She moved ahead with determination to rebuild her shattered realm.

Over the course of her reign, she became much like her grandmother before her. By the Jihad, she saw the fragmentation of the League's central authority and its inability to respond to crisis. Consequently, she raised new frontline military forces help defend Andurien from attack. She initially formed the Andurien Rangers brigade in 3073, marking the 25th anniversary of her ascendance to the throne.[6] Like their predecessor formation, the Defenders of Andurien, the Andurien Rangers show loyalty only to the Duchy's needs.

In 3075, Magestrix Naomi Centrella-Liao visited Dame Dalma, delivering a message of peace and warning to her and the Andurien parliament. While they celebrated their nations' past relationship, voicing hopes that the ties would grow stronger again, Naomi, being married to the Capellan Confederation's incumbent chancellor, also signalled that if actions taken by Andurien would turn against the Capellan Confederation, Andurien would face two nations, not just one.[7]

In February 3076 Dalma discovered that Word of Blake forces had learned of Naomi Centrella-Liao's return route to Sian. She scrambled aerospace forces and moved to rescue Naomi from a Word of Blake ambush in the Furud system. Dalma traveled with the rescue force, to meet with Naomi herself. At the meeting, she chided Naomi's lack of proper escort through potential hostile space. She also offered her hand in peace by offering her fighters and ships to properly escort Naomi back to Sian. The Magestrix accepted the offer, trusting Dalma and her people.[8]

By 3079 several regiments of troops from the FWLM had defected to serve the Duchy of Andurien by one means or another. These defections were in great part due to the revelation that Captain-General "Thomas Marik" was in fact a doppelganger, but some of the defections were considered rather surprising, such as the defection of the 5th Free Worlds Legionnaires, a unit which had been fanatically loyal to the League. Having pledged their allegiance to Dalma Humphreys, the 5th would become the 2nd Andurien Rangers and would serve the Duchy with distinction.[9]

Not all such defections were smooth and seamless, or free of bloodshed. The 9th Free Worlds Legionnaires was imploding, with various officers and cadets all trying to wrest control of the regiment and pledge allegiance to various factions; this brief but bitter internal struggle only ended when Dalma intervened personally, ending the struggle before the violence could spread further by persuading the regiment to become the 3rd Andurien Rangers while also allowing those serving within the regiment who objected to joining Andurien service to leave the Duchy peacefully.[9]

Through her negotiations Dalma convinced her neighboring province, the Mosiro Archipelago, to enter in a defense pact which effectively tied the Archipelago to the Duchy.[10]

Family & LegacyEdit

Dalma had no children of her own, but had a brother named Steven (presumably a half-brother through her father). She appointed Steven's daughter as her Heir-designate for the Duchy. When Dalma Humpreys died in 3086, her niece Evelyn Humphreys inherited the title of Duchess of Andurien.[2]

Titles and PositionsEdit


Canonical information on Dalma's childhood and activities in the years prior to the Jihad have not been written as of this writing. Her father Richard appears in several apocryphal German novels about the Andurien Wars (notably Präludium and Gier), and the childhood history of Dalma as well as the story of her parents is described in some detail (with one cameo appearance of Dalma as a 10-year old child in 3029, playing piano for her grandmother Catherine).

Game NotesEdit

Using Notable personalities Skills and Special Abilities Rules from Master and Minions, following abilities may be applied when using A Time for War RPG: Due to her warming relations with House Liao and the Magistracy of Canopus, as of 3076 characters/forces attempting espionage against her Duchy will receive a +3 penalty against their rolls. Also, when using these rules when playing with the BattleForce game system, Andurien forces are given a lance of Ontos Heavy Tanks at no cost due her relationship with company that produces the design.[11]


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