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Dameon Guillome

Dameon Guillome
Affiliation Blackwell Heavy Industries
VP of Logistics for Blackwell Heavy Industries
CoE of Blackwell Heavy Industries


Dameon Guillome was the VP of Logistics for GM-Blackwell of Blackwell Heavy Industries in 3067.[1]

Early on the morning of October 15 3067, during the First Battle of Harlech, a small force detached from the Fifty-first Dark Panzer Jaegers attempted to intercept and kill Dameon Guillome, VP of Logistics for GM-Blackwell, and his staff. While returning to the downtown headquarters of Blackwell Heavy Industries, he was alerted by security of a small force bearing down on the building. Reacting quickly, the staff negotiated a verbal contract with a small group of mercenaries who had arrived that morning for a meeting with Hugh Farragut, lead archeologist on the Remus Dig Project. The mercenaries held of the Jaegers long enough for Mr. Guillome to leave Harlech and make it to Blackwell's secured corporate complex on Romulus. Intercepted comm logs - turned over by the mercenary heroes who recorded the transmissions - revealed when later analyzed that the Jaegers had a list of high-level GM-Blackwell administrators slated as "targets". With this new evidence, it was finally understood that Blackwell Chief Financial Officer Thomas Crown, who had perished when his penthouse apartment suffered damage from an errant missile strike, was actually a target and not a victim of an unfortunate accident.[1]

He had reached CoE level on the company by 3072.[2]


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