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Danai Centrella (Individual Vengeance-class DropShip)

Danai Centrella
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Vengeance PWS Prototype


The MCS Danai Centrella was something of an enigma when it first appeared in the navy of the Magistracy of Canopus. Whilst the Canopians had a WarShip program, it was widely judged to be incapable of producing anything of substance - let alone a modified Vengeance-class Pocket WarShip, particularly given that there were no known manufacturing sites in the Magistracy capable of producing the Vengeance. The Danai Centrella's first appearance in the Inner Sphere in 3080 - on the border between the Capellan Confederation and the Republic of the Sphere - caused shock amongst a number of intelligence agencies.[1]

The Danai Centrella spent 3081 in the Ares system, where Earthwerks Limited engineers busily reverse-engineered her design as part of an agreement between the Magistracy and the Confederation that saw the Canopians receive new Vengeance hulls in exchange for the opportunity to study the Danai Centrella. Earthwerks subsequently launched the first of a new class of Vengeance Pocket WarShips in late 3083, based upon the design of the Danai Centrella.[1]


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