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Daniel Allard

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Daniel Allard.jpg
Daniel Webster Allard
Born 2997
Died 12 June 3069[1]
Affiliation House Allard
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Profession MechWarrior
Parents Quintus Allard (father)
Tamara Kearney (mother)
Siblings Justin Allard (half-brother)
Riva Allard
Spouse Megan Kell[2]
Children Tempest Allard
Harrison Allard
Mark Allard[3]

Daniel Webster Allard (29973069, aged 72 years) is a MechWarrior with the Kell Hounds. Dan, as he was more commonly known, steadily rose up the ranks of the unit, to full command of the unit after Morgan Kell retired from active command. The brother of Justin Allard and uncle of Kai Allard-Liao, Dan married Morgan's illegitimate daughter Megan Kell.


Early historyEdit

Attended New Avalon Military Academy where he became friends with Jacques de Gambier, whose grandfather had served in the same 'Mech unit as his own.[4]

Dan was assigned to the Kell Hounds by Hanse Davion[5] for his six year assignment in 3015.[6]

After events of Kell Hound's battle on Mallory's World in 3016, he found himself holding the unit together after Morgan Kell reduced the Hounds to battalion a sized unit.[7]

Originally piloting a Valkyrie, after its destruction he received a prototype Wolfhound which became Allard's signature 'Mech. Dan continued to pilot one despite rising to command of the Kell Hounds, until his death on Graceland in 3069 during combat against Clan Jade Falcon.


Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Allard was killed in combat with Clan Jade Falcon forces on June 12, 3069.[8]


He piloted a Valkyrie until he sacrificed it to temporarily stop Yorinaga Kurita on Styx.[9]

After that he was given a new Wolfhound[10], that he piloted until his death. At some point during the Clan Invasion his 'Mech was fully enhanced with Clan technology.[11]


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