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Daniel Sorenson (24th c.)

Daniel Sorenson
Born 2377[1]
Died 2487[1]
Affiliation House Sorenson
Profession Warlord of Rasalhague[2]
Parents Jan Sorenson (father)
Oma Kurita (mother)
Children Erik Sorenson[1]
Rachel Sorenson[1]
Ariana Sorenson[1]

Daniel Sorenson I was the only son of Oma Kurita and eventual lord of the Rasalhague Military District.[3]


He was born on the illicit relation between Oma Kurita and his kidnapper Jan Sorenson.[3] He was eighteen when his mother died in 2397 and suffered the hate of his uncle, Jason Kurita, who saw him as a continual reminder of the hated Sorenson clan, and his other part of the family hated him for his uncle's depravity. Daniel traveled through the Principality of Rasalhague on his duty tours and was relieved to be free of the insulated world of Jason Kurita's court. Among the people, Daniel could see the true effects of the dictator whose food he had shared. He witnessed torture, physical and psychological indignities, and the gradual destruction of Rasalhagian morale. With his background, Daniel was sensitive to the emotions of others and could not allow innocent civilians to endure much more. Treasonous ideas quietly passed between Daniel and his few closest confidants. When his uncle supported Nihongi Von Rohrs, he was shocked, and moved into action. At that same time, his twin cousins Toshiro and Hanako Kurita, sons of Adam Kurita, came to his aid and support in a revolution against Jason Kurita.[4]

When Daniel Sorenson started his rebellion and it spread, citizens joined the movement in droves. As a result, Jason recalled his troops from New Samarkand, and Nihongi retaliated by removing the governor from office. While guards loyal to Von Rohrs forcibly removed the governor from his throne room, Daniel offered his uncle one last chance to accept exile. In response, the ex-governor pulled a small pistol and shot at young Sorenson. He failed and Daniel killed his uncle in self-defense amid several stunned witnesses.[4]

Daniel Sorenson seized control of the Principality of Rasalhague and assumed the title of Lord with the goal to end all oppression of its citizens and offer opposition to Von Rohrs. As a whole, the populace of the Principality accepted Daniel as their rightful leader, the son of their former High Chieftain Jan Sorenson.[4]

Though he was not able to remove Nihongi Von Rohrs, he received great popular support as a leader and allied his own troops with military units loyal to the true Kurita family line. Daniel was a competent and vigorous leader and died at the age of 110 in a mountain climbing accident.[4]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Jason Kurita
Lord of the Rasalhague Military District

Succeeded by
Blaine Sorenson


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