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David Christofferson

David Christofferson
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Galaxy Commander

David Christofferson (born 28?? - died 29??) was the commander of Clan Coyote's Omicron Galaxy at the time of the Londerholm Revolt of 2912. He is most remembered for seizing the opportunity to strike a mighty blow against the Smoke Jaguars on the world of Albion.[1]


With few records to go on except the account of his victory on Albion, what stands out most regarding Galaxy Commander David Christofferson was the combination of clear opportunistic instincts and his rather ironic sense of justice.[1]

Smiting the JaguarEdit

After news of the Londerholm Revolt reached the contested world of Albion, the civilian population of the small Smoke Jaguar enclave revolted against their brutal oppressors. The civilians would later be forced to issue a desperate plea for help from any of the other Clans on Albion. Recognizing the advantages to be taken in this event, Galaxy Commander Christofferson launched a Trial of Possession for the Jaguar enclave. After defeating the OmniMech-equipped Twenty-fifth Jaguar Dragoons with his collection of second line units, Christofferson exercised his warrior prerogative by claiming everything as isorla; not only the enclave, but the Cluster, their Dropships and their Jumpship. To further insult his new Jaguar Bondsmen, he assigned all of them to the the lower castes of the former Smoke Jaguar enclave. The former tormentors would learn a great deal about how justice works in castes that are beneath the attention or care of Clan warriors.[1][2]


Serving at the height of Clan Coyote's dominance, David Christofferson would add to their holdings while handing their Clan Smoke Jaguar enemies a humiliating defeat. For this he would be remembered, though his entire Bloodname House would later be Reaved in 2976 due to its involvement in the Blood Scandal.[3]


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