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David Genovese

David Genovese
Died 2293
Affiliation Stewart Confederacy
Profession Dictator


David Genovese (born ???? - died 2293) was a dictator who ruled over the Stewart Confederacy for five years until his death.[1]

One of many states and proto-states to form in the wake of the Demarcation Declaration and the removal of the central authority previously provided by the Terran Alliance, the Stewart Confederacy - also referred to as the Stewart Confederation and the Stewart Commonality - was in a period of decline prior to David Genovese taking control in 2288. Under Genovese's dictatorial rule, the Confederacy became more efficient and productive; where even obtaining replacement parts for even the simplest factory machinery had been barely possible for the previous administration, Genovese "made the trains run on time". Genovese spent most of his rule over the six-world state suppressing freedom, but he also streamlined interplanetary communications systems and significantly increased agricultural production.[1]

This made the Stewart Confederacy one of the few instances of an actually efficient and working dictatorship, and Genovese was proud of his efforts.[1] The apparent success of his rule as dictator led to him rebuffing invitations to join the nascent Free Worlds League out of the apparent belief that no state founded on democratic rule could possibly function coherently enough to pose a threat to his rule.[2]

Genovese was sharply disabused of that notion when Juliano Marik led an invasion of the Stewart Confederacy in 2293. In keeping with his rule Genovese insisted on commanding the Confederacy's troops directly, despite his lack of ability as a military strategist and the problems inherent in running military operations at a distance. As a result of garbled communications, Genovese ended up ordering his defending forces to defend a position on Stewart that had been turned into a swamp by three days of torrential rain, and the League forces had little problem defeating the Confederacy forces.[1]

Confidence in Genovese's rule was badly shaken by the military defeat, and morale in the Confederacy military plummeted accordingly; after a four month campaign the conquest of the Confederacy was complete, and Genovese was a captive of Juliano Marik. In a final insult, Juliano Marik had Genovese make a public apology for inconveniencing the Marik military; he then had Genovese publicly beheaded.[1]


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