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David Santos

David Santos
Affiliation Broken Chains Stables
Arena Gladiator


David Santos was a fighter in Solaris VII's BBL for the Broken Chains Stables during the Dark Age.[1]

He did participate in the 3086 Championship.[1]

In week six of the tournament he fought and won against David Sanada.[1]

Prior to week eleventh, the Class Four division was very tight, with new leaders almost weekly. David Santos was the first at that time, with Lee Lumley one point behind, and being third Tracy Vanberchum one point behind Lumley.[1]

In week eleventh he was paired again against David Santos in a rematch of week six. Santos' Thunderbolt and Sanada's Orion, promised a slug-fest and they did not disappoint. Using the Deeps' cover only sparingly, both went for an early win. Sanada scored the first critical hits, damaging Santos' LRM launcher and pressed for the advance. After a lot of exchanges, Santos was also down two medium lasers, some engine shielding and a damaged gyro. Refusing to concede the match, he continued fighting, so Sanada continued his assault, and finally struck Santos in the head. Stunned, Santos fell, and the officials stepped in and awarded Sanada the match, despite Santos' protests.[1]

The combination of him and Lee Lumley loosing with Tracy Vanberchum victory set her as Class Four Division Leader.[1]

After week twelve matches, Class Four Division standings saw Tracy Vanberchum two points ahead of David Santos and three points ahead of both Natalia Burns and Lee Lumley.[2]

With Six weeks to go in the BBL the race in the Class Four Division was still open. Tracy Vanberchum had a five-point lead over David Sanada, with David Santos in third and with Natalia Burns lurking in fourth.[3]

He was paired again against David Sanada for week seventeenth with both looking to gain on Vanberchum. It was a match of maneuver, punctuated with short, but violent exchanges of weapons fire. The two fought a controlled and intense match. Sanada found that lucky shot, an autocannon blast that shattered Santos' right knee actuator. Crippled, Santos tried to hold out for the tie, but Sanada stayed on him, forcing Santos to launch the surrender flare.[3]




He pilots a Thunderbolt.[1]


The author confirmed David Santos belonged to this Stable in this Battletech Forum


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