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DeLon Stables

DeLon Stables
Colors/Badge black with White & Red trim; a dagger with a rose vine entwined around its blade, set on black circular field
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran (3067)
Rating A (3054 and 3067)
Faction Affiliation Draconis Combine
Units Used
BattleMechs 25 (3051 and 3054)
20 (3067)


Culturally associated with the Draconis Combine, the DeLon Stables is a Solaris VII stable run by the DeLon family. The stable is thought to have connections to the Mafia (the Bertolli clan)[1] and the Yakuza equally.[2] The Stable is based in Kobe.[3]


The Stable was formed in 3041.[3]

From the mid-3050s until 3062 the DeLon Stable saw an impressive rise in fame and popularity because Theodore Gross won several Championship titles. The death of Gross during the 3062 riots brought a downswing though. This was also the first visit place Omiko Kurita did when she came to Solaris to lift the ban on Combine citizens fighting in Solaris, which had made all Kuritans of Solaris in a way Ronin in older times.[4]

During the Jihad several MechWarriors of the DeLon Stables, alongside several from the Silver Dragon Stables, joined the Solaris Home Defense League under the leadership of Erik Gray. Many of them were killed in action. After the execution of Kelley Metz by the Word of Blake occupation, a yakuza syndicate (implicitly the Hamagachi clan) under Connor DeLon prepared to take control of the lucrative data smuggling via courier vessels, bypassing the world's HPG.[5]

Somewhere between the Jihad and the Dark Age the stable changed its name to New DeLon Stables.[6]

Stable Master and OwnersEdit

Thomas DeLon was the Stable Master in 3051.[7]

By the time of the Jihad in ca. 3068 it was run by Connor DeLon; his father, Thomas DeLon, was pushing seventy at the time but still considered one of the sharpest minds of Solaris City. Connor gained full control of the Stable when his father died in 3069 from a congestive heart failure.[8]

On 3135 Tybalt Garnet was the assistant manager of the Stables. He disappeared after his conspiracy agains the Canid Cooperative.[6]

Notable PersonnelEdit

Master TechnicianEdit

  • Harold Malone is long-time employee of the DeLon family, as his father was. He is a skilled technician who sometimes signs on with mercenaries and returns with advanced battlefield salvage.[7]



In 3051 20 MechWarriors were fighting for DeLon Stables.[9]

In 3067 16 MechWarriors were fighting for DeLon Stables.[10]

Known MechWarriorsEdit

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Joseph Brendal‎ Civil War [11]
Theodore Gross Clan Invasion
Civil War
Solaris Games Grand Champion from 3059 to 3062 [12]
Robert Hopton Clan Invasion Class Four Champion
Ranked 15th in Solaris Top Twenty Open Class
Phoebe Itasha Dark Age [13]
Herbert Jordan Dark Age [6]
Kasigi Mihabu Clan Invasion
Civil War
Ranked nineteenth in the Solaris Top Twenty [14]
Srin Odessa Clan Invasion
Civil War
Ranked tenth in the Solaris Top Twenty [14]
Ichabod Timkin Civil War [15]

Tactics and StyleEdit

The warriors of the stable use advanced technology to best effect and some rumors suggest that even Clan technology from the former stable owner's Masakari were distributed among them.


The stables own a training ground with the barest amount of facilities for training located in the town of Mitchell southeast of Solaris City. They have awalled roofless large expanse of low concrete structures that serves as training arena for 'Mech Combat. The MechWarrior accommodations are comfortable.[7]


DeLon Stables has a reputation for resolving its problems with the help of thugs and organized crime.[7]

As per 3067, the standard contract is for 1200 C-Bills and a 25% of the earnings.[16]


Game RulesEdit

The Stable as of 3067 has access to B Rated Equipment.

They have the following abilities/special rules when using Mappack: Solaris VII's Stable Specific Rules. (Using old rules prior to Total Warfare) A Blackstar player may choose two of their most powerful Level 1 weapons and exchange it for upgraded Inner Sphere (Level 2) technology that is the corresponding version the weapon (example PPC to ER PPC). This may be done only as long this upgrade does not violate any standard construction rules. If any of remaining tonnage is available, it maybe used towards tweaking 'Mech armor, ammunition and heat sinks only. No rolls for success of this weapons swap are necessary when using Customization rule for 'Mechs in Mappack: Solaris VII sourcebook.

DeLon MechWarriors suffer a -1 Initiative penalty when not fighting one-to-one duels.[17]


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