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Deandra Lowe

Deandra Lowe
Affiliation The Republic of the Sphere
Knight of the Republic


Deandra Lowe was a Knight of The Republic of the Sphere[1], who acted as a spy during the Dark Age, including via using the cover of a courier for Periphery Express[2].

Deandra Lowe kept a PDA journal during 3135 recording her impressions, as well as other documents of interest she collected from public and private sources.

During her travels she was kidnapped by an unknown party that had been following her since she was arriving to Vega (and been able to keep her lead even when she used all her tricks not to be followed) and imprisoned and interrogated her in near New Glasgow on Skye for a bit more than a month.[3]

While she was escaping in the JumpShip Periphery Express XI, she informed her superior (somebody called Max) that the Governor of Glengarry wanted to revolt against the Republic of the Sphere.[4]

During her work, she was asked to ferry information from Project Icicle, most probably to a Federated Suns person.[5]

By the end of July 3135, a lucky encounter with the Regal's JumpShip purser, who was able to recall the name of his kidnapper, a Brad Jenkins, most probably a fake name.[6]

During her investigation on her kidnapper, and after confirming his name was a fake id[7], she got a clue on who the kidnapper's hiring faction was on September 3135, from a solid contact from Tybalt, too involved in his job that now cannot escape. She did some follow investigation and discovered that his accusation on Republic Senate members were plotting against the Republic.[8][9]

News of the implementation of Fortress Republic found her outside the safe zone. She was left, like many, alone.[10]

After a short break-down, she started trying to get to know the people she was travelling with, starting with the most relevant of Gemini Gleam's JumpShip crewmen.[11]

She quickly pierced that the Wall raised by Fortress Republic did not allow JumpShips to travel to those protected planets.[12]

She started investigating Augustine and the movements its governor, Senator Riktofven, was plotting, while her JumpShip, the Gemini Gleam traveled there. She was using a fake id at that time, one known to Riktofven, who would not like she coming there.[13][14][15] On the 16th of December she arrived to Hyppo, the capital city of Augustine in search of Brad Jenkins.[16] Her actions stirred things up, and an Augustine government "secret" agent warned her on the 20th of December.[17] On the 26th, she saw her friend Jenkins and discovered that he was from the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth, understanding that she had been kidnapped to find something to use against Riktofven - that she would have done for free, but she was seen also, and barely escaped with what she had with her when Jenkins made her to the local authorities.[18]

Deandra Lowe unmasked Brad Jenkins to Senator Riktofven's staff, and pulling her rank of Knight, they agreed to her plan. Brad Jenkins was killed by a sharpshooter on the 30th December 3135.[1]

Nothing is known of her after that.[citation needed]


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