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Dehra Dun

Dehra Dun is the capital city of Circe. It is under the control of Clan Snow Raven.


Dehra Dun — meaning "Dun's Camp" in the Hindi language of the original Free Worlds League-based tribe that settled it — was a city on Circe controlled by the warlord Dun. Located near a major aquifer in one of the rare lush zones of the Circian desert, capture of this city in 2821 during Operation KLONDIKE gave Clan Snow Raven almost immediate control of the area due to control of the water supply.[1]

In 2823, during the Annihilation of Clan Wolverine, a mishap during battle caused a Snow Raven-controlled nuclear warhead to detonate over Dehra Dun, effectively destroying the city. This would be blamed on Clan Wolverine in official Clan histories.[2]


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