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The WoBS Deliverance was an Essex-class WarShip used by the Word of Blake. It was one of the first two WarShips controlled by the Word.[1]

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Essex


Originally a Star League vessel, the future Deliverance was one of the eight SLDF WarShips salvaged by the Free Worlds League with assistance from the Word of Blake between 3054 and 3058, presented to the Blakists in 3057 alongside the Vincent-class corvette WoBS Blake's Redemption as thanks for their aid with the League's WarShip programs.[2]

The Deliverance first saw combat during Operation Odysseus, taking heavy damage facing the ComStar flagship the Invisible Truth before fleeing, but successfully preventing the ComStar WarShip Fleet from interfering during the invasion of Terra. With the Titan Shipyards still under secular ComStar control in the immediate wake of Odysseus, the Deliverance returned to shipyards in the League and was undergoing repair as of 3059.[2][3][4] By 3067 the Blake's Redemption was one of half a dozen WarShips publicly known to be in service with the Blakists,[5] although the Blake's Redemption was actually part of a much larger black water navy assembled in secret.

The ship was repaired and used in the early years of the Jihad against ComStar on Tukayyid. With the McKenna-class battleship, WoBS Blake's Sword, the Deliverance overran the planet's space-borne defenders to assault the planet. The ship took heavy damage from its ComStar sister-ship, the CSV Hammerstrike.[6] The Deliverance was destroyed in the Tukayyid system in 3074.[7]


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