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WI-DM DemolitionMech
Production information
Manufacturer Wesley Industries
Use Demolition, Militia Support
Class Light
Introduced 2513
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 35 tons
Armor StarSlab/Commercial Armor
Engine GM 140 Fuel Cell
Communications System O/P Commtalk[1]
Targeting Tracking System None[1]
Heat Sinks 1
Speed 54 Kph km/h

Small Laser
Wrecking Ball
Rock Cutter

BV (2.0) 259[2]

Description and HistoryEdit

Created during the onslaught of the Age of War, Wesley Industries of the Capellan Confederation saw the growing need for a means to clean up urban wreckage created by the never ending conflicts. Wesley introduced its IndustrialMech, the DemolitionMech in 2513. Designed to be a tough and economical machine, the 'Mech was used throughout the Confederation's heavily urbanized core worlds. The design was later sold to various former Terran Hegemony worlds, which had suffered during the Amaris Coup and later, the early Succession Wars. The design was noted for its toughness, but considered slow for its size. The 'Mech has been used to supplement military forces with destructive power from time to time.[2]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The design's primary tool is its four ton Wrecking Ball mounted on the right arm. On its left arm it has a Rock Cutter in place of the hand actuator. Mounted in the center torso is a single military grade Small Laser to help destroy buildings from a safe distance. The 'Mech is powered by a General Motors 140 rated fuel cell engine to keep pollution in urban work sites at minimum.[2]


The 'Mech is equipped with a small half-ton internal cargo bay in its center torso.[2]


  • WI-DM2 
    This variant is designed for demolition of military fortifications. In place of its left arm Rock Cutter and torso-mounted Small Laser, it employs a Dual Saw. However, the design loses a ton of armor to properly mount and balance the saw. BV (2.0) = 345[5], 315[6]



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