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Derek's Devils

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Derek's Devils was formed by a splinter group of the Red Devils.[1]

Derek's Devils
Derek's Devils
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
CO Major Derek Hudsenn
Formed 3045
JumpShips Unknown
DropShips Unknown
Aerospace Yes
Armor No
Infantry Yes


Disenchanted and alienated by the behavior of the Red Devils' ranking officer, Captain Derek Hudsenn (son of the original Red Devils' founder) and his company eventually split from the Red Devils in 3045 and formed Derek's Devils.

The Devils were immediately hired by the Magistracy of Canopus because of the recognition of his father's long and honorable service. The Devils endeared themselves to the people of Dunianshire after catching raiders before they could escape with captives they intended to sell into slavery. Hudsenn himself killed the pirate leader and weathered tremendous incoming fire from the pirate DropShip to disable it on the ground as its engines lit up. The Devils handled threats from Luxen to Dainmar Majoris from their Dunianshire base. Their infantry was well-known for kneecapping and capturing ’Mechs, a practice that has added a second company to the Devils' assets and allowed Hudsenn to assume the rank of major.[1]

When the First Fronc Cuirassiers were formed by the Fronc Reaches in order to provide additional defense, the base of the unit was started by incorporating Derek's Devils. To attract more troops, the Fronc Reaches promised land and property to dispossessed MechWarriors and other small mercenary commands.[2] The former mercenaries came together and started training on the landhold of Colonel Derek Hudsenn. There they developed their small-unit tactics, with an eye to repelling pirate raids. Enough MechWarriors had arrived to build a second battalion.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Derek's Devils
Major Derek Hudsenn 3050[1]


With no combat unit heavier than 60 tons, the Glory Warriors were a highly mobile force that specialized in disengaging from numerically superior opponents to fight again later. Thanks to the efforts of their CO, the Warriors' had an ability to "hide in plain sight" that rivaled even that of the infamous Killer Bees, utilizing terrain rather than the camouflage the Bees rely upon. [1]

Composition HistoryEdit


Derek's Devils[1]

  • CO: Major Derek Hudsenn
    • The Devils are two companies. First Company contains primarily heavy and assault 'Mechs and is made up of former Red Devils MechWarriors. Second Company is an eclectic mix of light, medium, and heavy 'Mechs salvaged from enemy raiders.

Void Devils[1]

  • Captain Michelle Simpson
    • The aerospace squadron is entirely made up of light fighters. The fighters never carry bombs, preferring to strafe the enemy.

Pit Fiends[1]

  • Infantry unit specialized in leg attack. They are are reckless in their assaults on enemy 'Mechs. Despite this, their losses are minimal thanks to intensive training in their dangerous methods.



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