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Dirty Pair

The Dirty Pair were a mercenary unit apparently operating during the Clan Invasion.[1]

Dirty Pair
Unit Profile (as of 3055)
JumpShips no
DropShips Yes
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


As of late 3051, the Dirty Pair were under contract to the Federated Commonwealth, assigned to assist in the defense of Shaula from Clan Wolf. Despite the extreme efforts of First Lyran Guards RCT commander Hauptmann General Jane Craigie to avenge her earlier defeat against the Wolves on Maestu, the light and swift OmniMechs of Delta Galaxy easily swept past her prepared ambush positions, resulting in her ordering the Dirty Pair to pull out as her own unit prepared to retreat off-world again.[1] [2]

Desperately running for their DropShips to try and flee, unfortunately the Dirty Pair found the Wolves had already reached them, giving the mercenaries little option but to surrender. When Galaxy Commander Conal Ward prepared to claim the mercenaries as bondsman, the Dirty Pair's CO made a surprising counter offer, bartering for the freedom of his unit in return for giving Ward the best piece of the Inner Sphere he could provide. Amazed at the mercenary's sheer gall, Conal Ward agreed to sit down and discuss this amazing deal. Attempting to set the Clan warrior at ease to aid the negotiating process, the Dirty Pair's CO requested one of his troops to fetch six bottle of Timbiqui Dark, the mercenaries hauling 6,000 crates of the famous beer when they'd accepted the Shaula defense contract with the Federated Commonwealth. Conal Ward was reportedly so impressed by the taste of the famous brew that when the mercenary commander offered all 6,000 cases for the freedom of him and his unit, the Wolf warrior agreed, allowing the Dirty Pair to retreat back to Federated Commonwealth space.[1]

The warrior who fetched the beer for the negotiation would later relate this amazing tale in a paid advertisement for Timbiqui Spirits published in MechWarrior Weekly, citing that ilKhan Ulric Kerensky also so liked the taste of Timbiqui Dark that he apparently wanted to capture Timbiqui to secure the formula, stating that if Timbiqui Dark was good enough for the ilKhan of the Clans, it was good enough for him.[1]


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  • The existence of the Dirty Pair is not mentioned outside of the Mercenary's Handbook 3055, nor of their involvement on the fighting on Shaula, indicating that the entire story may have been invented for the ad. However, though implausible, the "Price of Freedom" is included in a section on Unit Surrender citing that the Clans might offer release to mercenary units offering something they needed or wanted like Star League memorabilia, additionally the piece references Ulric Kerensky's fondness for Timbiqui Beer and his semi-joking desire to capture the world to secure it from Lost Destiny Chapter Twenty-Seven, indicating it may be a real event.


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