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Dobrowski Depression-A Syndrome

Dobrowski Depression-A Syndrome is a genetic predisposition to severe mental depression. Among the most notable families to suffer from the syndrome is House Steiner.


The severity of the Dobrowski Depression-A Syndrome varies with the sufferer, with some able to manage unaided while others are reliant upon medication to help moderate their moods. Unfortunately, there have been number of cases where the extent of the syndrome was such that no help was possible. One of the most severe cases of Dowbrowski in the Steiner line was that of Duchess Tatyana Steiner, the younger sister of Michael and Steven Steiner. Her depression exacerbated by a tragic and hopeless two-year love affair, while doctors definitely prescribed the medication to help combat it, Tatyana never took it, instead hiding the pills in every nook and cranny of her rooms. Two days before her brothers double wedding in 2471, she committed suicide.[1] [2]

An equally severe case of Dobrowski Depression-A would be that of Simon Borge-Steiner, the eldest son and heir-designate of Eric Steiner. While bright and personable in his lucid moments, Simon would suffer from sudden and acute mood swings which caused grave concerns at the prospect of him becoming Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth. The situation was made more tragic in that the Archonship was perhaps the one hope that made Simon's life bearable. Ultimately, on June 6 2914 after months of delay as the nobility and the Estates General prayed for a miracle ahead of his coronation, Simon instead ceded his right of Archonship to his sister Tatyana, giving up his dream to preserve the Lyran realm.[1][3]

Dobrowski Depression-A Syndrome should not be seen as a catch-all to explain every instance of depression, negative emotions or excessive anger in the Steiner line however. This is best proven in the case of Claudius Steiner, while arguably the most evil and cruel Archon in the Lyran Commonwealth, historical pathologists actually believe he lacked this genetic trait. It has been suggested that the syndrome might also be the cause behind the high number of artists House Steiner boasts, along with their fascination for dreary worlds like Gallery, with its wild and desolate landscape.[1] [4]


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