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Donald G. Phillips

Donald G. Phillips
Born 16 October 1938
Died 12 October 1998
Occupation USAF Lt. Col.

Donald G. Phillips (born October 16, 1938, died 12 October 1998), U.S. Air Force Lieutenant colonel, Chaplain and Vietnam veteran, wrote one BattleTech novel, Star Lord, which was published in 1996. It is his only BattleTech-related writing credit.

In the back of Star Lord, the following is written about the author:

Donald G. Phillips was born in Missouri, where he now lives. He graduated in 1960 from Waco University with a B.A. in Radio and Television Production, and in 1963 from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has published numerous papers on technical and theological subjects. A Vietnam veteran, Phillips retired from the United States Air Force after thirty years of service in 1988 and from the Department of Veterans Affairs in 1994.

Star Lord is Phillips's first novel.

He was married, and his wife apparently held on to most of his items until she herself died in the summer of 2018. His estate included large numbers of science fiction books and items including not only BattleTech but also Star Wars, Star Trek, and Babylon 5 media (and implicitly more).

Phillips kept a framed collection of a copy of the novel, the sell sheet for his book, the Roc Books catalogue containing the listing for his book, and his editor's business card. There were also a number of hand- and typewritten manuscripts for further BattleTech fiction, suggesting Phillips would have contributed further had he not died in 1998.

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