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Dow-Nexus Fusion Products

A subsidiary of Luthien Armor Works, Dow-Nexus Fusion Products is a Draconis Combine manufacturer of fusion engines, both standard and extralight. Their engines are used in many units procured by the DCMS and DCA.[1] [2]

Dow-Nexus Fusion Products
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Qandahar
Primary Products Fusion Engines


Located within the domed cities of Qandahar, in the early 31st century Dow-Nexus was notorious for its disregard for worker safety, with the company settling 1,358 wrongful death claims between 3018 and 3022. Following a record four hundred employees killed when a poorly maintained conveyor system seized and collapsed in 3019, a small underground protest movement named the Holy Struggle attempted to shut down a Dow-Nexus Fusion Products turbine factory in the domed city of Mistiq. Though the ISF had several informers and agents in place to destroy the Holy Struggle, they didn't actually do so because then-ISF Director Subhash Indrahar also wanted to chastise Dow-Nexus.[3] The situation reached crisis point in 3028 when armed conflict broke out between mercenaries hired by the Holy Struggle and Dow-Nexus' security forces, with the ISF arresting several hundred parties from both side. Ultimately the Combine government put the Holy Struggle protesters to death but also imposed several million K-bills worth of fines on the company, prompting Dow-Nexus to reduce their operational footprint on Qandahar in 3042.[4]

The Clan Invasion dealt Dow-Nexus a near mortal blow with the Clans' capture of the BattleMech factories on Alshain, Irece and Jarett cutting off seventy percent of the company's market at a stroke. Looking elsewhere, Combat Vehicle manufacturers expressed an interest in the company's product lines but as of 3055 little sales resulted, with these manufacturers generally unwilling to pay the higher fusion engine prices in comparison to the much cheaper ICE engines they were currently using.[2]

In 3071 the main production facility lost many workers and capital when Word of Blake forces breached the dome over Mitiq. Six years later, elements of the Black Dragon Society attacked Quandahar, and the repair work that had been completed was interrupted again.[5] As a result of losing approximately two-thirds of its workforce, in 3079 the factory was reduced to 60% of its pre-Jihad output.[6]


Dow-Nexus Fusion Products has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Qandahar:[2]
Component Type
Fusion Engine
GM 160 Shipped to Alshain for Locust[2]
GM 180 Shipped to Irece for Stinger LAM[2]
GM 240 Manticore[2]
Fusion Engine - XL
GM 210 XL [citation needed]
GM 270 XL Shipped to Jarett for Phoenix Hawk[2]
GM 300 XL Marauder[2]
GM 375 XL [citation needed]
GM 380 XL [citation needed]


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