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Dragon Blossom

The Dragon Blossom was a DropShip of unspecified type; it was a BattleMech carrier capable of moving at least the four 'Mechs of the Command Lance of Second Company, First Battalion of the 36th Dieron Regulars (Catapult, JagerMech, Ostroc, Shadow Hawk).

Dragon Blossom
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip

Following the Battle of Halstead Station Chu-sa Imorie Sanders of the 36th Dieron Regulars discovered a crate of Star League-era books that had been overlooked by the Davion attackers. He ordered the crate be brought aboard the Dragon Blossom and shipped out to Murchison where the Dragon Blossom landed in the city of Partheria. Sanders claimed he wanted to find out the books' value, but it is implied he may have tried to sell them on the black market there.

While the crate was delivered to a warehouse by a 'Mech lance from the Dragon Blossom, with a Shadow Hawk carrying the crate, elements of the Kell Hounds mercenary unit ambushed the 'Mechs, and one Kell Hounds Shadow Hawk with a crate in his hands approached the Dragon Blossom. As planned, the 'Mech was mistaken for a 'Mech from the 36th Dieron Regulars and was allowed to enter the DropShip's 'Mech bay where it turned out that the crate contained infantry. Sanders and the surviving crew members were allowed to leave the ship, then the mercenaries reportedly "boosted out". It is unclear from the context if the DropShip was actually stolen by the mercenaries or if it was only temporarily captured during the action.[1]


  • It is possible that the scenario description featuring this DropShip was meant to illustrate how the Kell Hounds captured the Kurita DropShip that would become the Nuada Argetlan (which happened in a broadly similar fashion). However, it has been established elsewhere that the Nuada Argetlan was previously named Fukushu; its capture is described in some detail in the story The Judas Blind.


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