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Duncan Burke

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Duncan Burke.png
Duncan Burke
Died 3063
Affiliation Lyran Alliance

Character HistoryEdit

Duncan Burke was a Lyran Alliance Armed Forces officer who reported directly to Lord Marcus Roland during the Steiner occupation of Kentares IV. Roland assigned Burke the task of leading the efforts in hunting down and eliminating any resistance against the Steiner forces, a job that Burke thoroughly enjoyed doing. Burke personally killed Sir Peter Dresari and gleefully informed Ian of the grisly murder, noting that "his escape pod was scattered over the better part of a kilometer. Messy."

Ian Dresari's tactical officer, Major Elise Rathburn, informed Ian that Burke was "one of Roland's senior officers" and that he was noted for committing war atrocities. Rathburn summed up Burke as "an animal".

In an intercepted transmission between Burke and one of his underlings, Hauptmann Logan, Logan addressed Burke as "Kommandant Burke". Note that the rank of Kommandant is actually the equivalent of a Major in other armed forces. Burke threatened Logan that if he didn't find Sir Peter Dresari, Logan's men would suffer for it - Burke would find the "men responsible and feed them their own eyes" before having them executed.

After failing to stop Ian's resistance cell from destroying a Steiner airfield, a furious Roland demoted Burke two ranks to Lieutenant. Despite this, Burke was more determined than ever to hunt down Ian.[1]


Burke later tracked down Ian and attempted to kill him in the same manner that he had killed Sir Peter, taunting Ian and Rathburn all the while and bragging that he had made Sir Peter beg for mercy. In a deadly game of cat and mouse through a swamp, Ian managed to gun down Burke's Thor OmniMech. Burke refused to eject from his 'Mech before its fusion reactor breached, killing him and avenging Sir Peter's murder. Rathburn and Ian later discussed the reason why Burke refused to surrender - he couldn't live with failure.


Burke pilots the Summoner Omnimech. It is possible for his Mech to be salvaged after the mission.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Burke was portrayed by actor Charles Currier.


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