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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Epsilon nearby systems (3151)
Epsilon nearby systems (3151)
(Map Legend)
System Information
X:Y Coordinates -316.183 : -59.498[e]

The Epsilon system was home to at least one habitable world and as at 3145 was located in the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey province of the Free Worlds League.[1][2]

System DescriptionEdit

The Epsilon system is located near the Cavanaugh II and Timbiqui systems.[3]

System HistoryEdit

Epsilon was settled at some point during or prior to the Age of War.[4] Early maps of the Inner Sphere prior to 2571 do not display the anti-spinward regions further out than Cavanaugh II, making it impossible to determine whether Epsilon had been settled prior to the Age of War.[5]

Political AffiliationEdit

Planetary HistoryEdit

The JihadEdit

Following the dissolution of the Free Worlds League in January 3079, elements within the Lyran Alliance moved to annex a number of former League worlds between August and September that year. Epsilon was one of seven worlds conquered during this period, and the invasion only stopped when Archon Adam Steiner declared that any other bouts of what he termed "unauthorised adventurism" would be considered an act of treason.[24] The Lyran assault on Epsilon was a purely conventional attack[29] launched by the Fourth and Eighth Lyran Regulars[30] in which the LAAF forces concentrated on defeating the defending Thirty-fourth Marik Militia and local forces, although to limit any collateral damage the Thirty-fourth had to withdraw. Epsilon was one of two worlds where forces from the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey and the Lyran Alliance faced each other in the immediate aftermath of the Jihad, with the other being Nockatunga. Prior to the Archon's declaration that any further attacks would be considered treasonable acts, diplomats from Tamarind and Abbey present on Tharkad were volubly protesting the attacks and Dominic Levaque, the Lyran ambassador to Tamarind, worked hard to reassure the Tamarind government that the attacks were being investigated and that any wrongdoing would result in prosecution under Lyran laws.[29]

Military DeploymentEdit







- At this point in time, the Thirty-fourth Marik Militia were deployed across Epsilon and Nockatunga. The Thirty-fourth was at 70% of full strength.

Nearby SystemsEdit

Closest 36 systems (35 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Cavanaugh 11.4 Timbiqui 17.6 Promised Land 17.6 Penobscot 21.6
Hell's Paradise 23.3 Saltillo 23.6 Griffith 24.5 Nockatunga 27.7
Abramkovo 34.1 Kosciusko 34.3 Pencader 35.0 Zdice 35.4
Millungera 35.9 Schererville 36.3 Malazan 37.0 Diamantina 40.1
Zuhbehr 41.6 Galisteo 41.6 Ilion 43.5 Alorton 45.8
Tylarzka 47.9 Bobruisk 48.3 Edmondson 48.9 Zebrenaski 49.5
Tamarind 52.9 Loongana 54.3 Kamenz 55.4 Kilarney 57.0
Alula Borealis 57.4 Rochers 57.6 Cerillos 57.9 Biloela 58.5
Bella 58.9 Poulsbo 59.3 Simpson Desert 59.8 Curaumilla 61.3


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