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Eric Hughes

Eric Hughes
Affiliation Word of Blake

Eric Hughes was a Demi-Precentor of an un-named Word of Blake unit.


The unit engaged with Clan Nova Cat forces within the Nagasaki community zone, of the Crane district on Luthien on 21 August, 3072. He piloted a Deva OmniMech and successfully engaged both a Nova Cat BattleMech and a SM1 hovercraft, of which he executed the crew of the latter.[1]

Hughes had VDNI enhancements and directly reported to Precentor Belial, whom he considered a father-figure and obeyed without question. He had a nervous habit of flicking his 'Mech's retractable blade whenever he felt stressed. He experienced a brief memory of a previous life, possibly related to membership within the Unfinished Book Movement, during the battle on Luthien, though he chose not to indulge in exploring those memories.[1]


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