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Evanda Castro

Major Evanda Castro.png
Evanda Castro
Died 3063(?)
Affiliation Lyran Alliance
Profession Major

Character HistoryEdit

Major Evanda Castro was a member of Lord Marcus Roland's command staff during the occupation of Kentares IV. Castro served as Roland's adjutant, ensuring that Roland's orders were carried out by his subordinate officers, namely Duncan Burke and James Kulin. Castro would argue with Kulin and Roland over the deployment of Steiner troops, eventually culminating in Castro going rogue in an attempt to destroy the anti-Steiner resistance on Kentares by herself. Castro located and seized the Kentares militia armory that once belonged to Duke Eric Dresari, an armory whose weapons and BattleMechs could turn the tide in favor of the faction that possessed it. [1]


Ian Dresari was searching for his father's armory to equip his resistance cell before they could attack and retake the Dresari Royal Palace personally held by Roland, only to find that Castro had taken the armory for herself. Depending on if the player goes after the armory or rescues Ian's sister, Evanda will or will not fight Ian.

Rescue SisterEdit

Should the Ian decide to rescue Joanna Dresari, Evanda will survive untouched.

Supply RaidEdit

Should Ian decide to go after the armory, Ian and his lance-mates smash through the trap that Castro had set for Ian and take down Castro in her Daishi OmniMech.


Evanda pilots a Dire Wolf Omnimech. Upon her demise, Ian would salvage and use it to finally defeat Roland, retaking the Royal Palace, destroying Roland's personal DropShip and engaging Ian's traitorous cousin William in a final duel to the death.


Evanda Castro may be related to, or even be the same character as, Colonel Jeanine Castro, commander of the Fifth Lyran Regulars. In the mission to retake the armory, Castro is referred to as "Jeanine Castro" in the mission objectives.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Evanda Castro was potrayed by actress, Melodee M. Speveck


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