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Evantha Fetladral

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Evantha Fetladral
Evantha Fetladral
Born 3026[1]
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Clan Wolf-in-Exile
Profession Star Colonel

Evantha Fetladral (b. 3026[1]) was a Clan Wolf Elemental and officer who participated in the invasion of the Inner Sphere. She would eventually leave with the rest of the Warden Wolves, parting ways with their Crusader Wolf brethren and Clan society as a whole after the Refusal War.


Early Life and CareerEdit

Born on the world of Stanici, somewhere in the Clan Homeworlds, Evantha Fetladral grew to adulthood in a large mixed heritage sibko. Two meters tall with long fiery red hair that is usually kept in one thick braid, she was a young Elemental officer of Warden leanings.

Evantha would win the Fetladral Bloodname in 3048.[2]

Operation REVIVALEdit

During Operation REVIVAL. Holding the rank of Star Captain, she was chosen to be one of the "shepherds" of Phelan Kell, along with sibmates Ranna Kerensky and Carew Nygren. She would help to train him militarily and athletically at Khan Ulric Kerensky's behest, while also talking to him about many different facets of Clan warrior culture, helping to prepare him for his role in Kerensky's scheme to keep the Warden cause alive. Her physical conditioning regimen would serve Phelan well in the rough realities of Clan warrior life, helping the young MechWarrior to best even an Elemental in a physical confrontation.[1][3]

Arc-Royal ExileEdit

After the Refusal War, most of the Warden Wolves departed the Wolf Occupation Zone for their new grounds in the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon. Evantha would at that time nominate Phelan to the post of Khan of the Wolves-in-Exile, a motion that promptly passed. When the question was raised of who would become the new saKhan, Evantha Fetladral put forward the well-received name of Marco Hall, content to remain in the background of the political stage. Holding the rank of Star Colonel in the Wolves' Alpha Galaxy, she served as Khan Phelan's adjutant and bodyguard.[4][5]


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