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Extended LRM

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The Extended LRM (ELRM) system was designed by engineers in the Federated Commonwealth, and developed in 3054 to offset the incredible range advantage of most Clan weapons. The ELRM pairs a standard LRM to a booster system that gives the missile more fuel, and thus, more range. Offsetting the range advantage is the fact that the minimum range of the weapon is increased by over 50%, combined with a reduced ammunition capacity and a heavier, bulkier launcher.

The ELRM cannot use the improved guidance systems like the Artemis IV or Narc Missile Beacon. Special munitions are not available for the ELRM. If a rack of ELRMs fires at a target inside the minimum range, half the missiles will not arm.[1]

The technology would soon progress to an economical viable form and entered limited production by 3082.[2]

Like their inspiration, several types of Extended Long Range Missile systems exist, as shown in the following list.


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