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Falcon Foolin'

Falcon Foolin' was a tactic developed by FedCom forces during the first and second waves of the Clan Invasion and used to particular effect against Clan Jade Falcon. While the tactic itself never resulted in any victories, it was responsible for saving many soldiers from certain death or capture.[1]

The tactic was based in part on the diametrically opposite military doctrines of the Clans and the Inner Sphere. Where the Jade Falcons favored the direct frontal attack with massed 'Mechs at the forefront, FedCom militia units would disperse any attached 'Mech units among their armor and infantry formations to serve as the cornerstones of their defensive positions and allow the conventional assets to 'absorb' the enemy's attack before deploying to engage. For a culture which highly prized individual, 'Mech-on-'Mech duels, this method of fighting thoroughly confused the Falcons when first confronted by it, and their uncertainty inspired the tactic to which they unwittingly lend their name.[1]

The tactic was used whenever a Falcon unit became engaged with friendly conventional forces. Before they could be destroyed, a Lance of 'Mechs would approach and challenge the Falcons to a duel. Being strict adherents to the honor rules, the Falcon 'Mechs would disengage and make preparations, including determining an appropriate Circle of Equals for the coming contest. This gave the conventional forces the opportunity to escape, and once safely away the 'Mech lance fire a perfunctory volley at the Falcons and retreat as well.[1]

This blatant abuse of the honor rules infuriated the Jade Falcon warriors. By the end of the second wave of the invasion, the Clan's Khans had given permission for their warriors to ignore any challenge made by an Inner Sphere foe, and to severely punish those who took advantage of their strict adherence to the honor code.[1]


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