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Falcon Xi

Falcon Xi
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Type DropShip


The Falcon Xi was a DropShip in service to Clan Jade Falcon, and during Operation ICE STORM, the Clan Ice Hellion invasion of the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone in the Inner Sphere, the CJF Falcon Xi was serving as one of two DropShips assigned to transport the Falcon Guards. In March 3072 the Ice Hellion forces had been pushed back to the worlds of Evciler and Vantaa and the region known as the Dark Nebula by the resurgent Jade Falcons, aided by Clan Hell's Horses who had formed an alliance of convenience with the Falcons.[1]

The Falcon Guards were mustered along with the Jade Falcon's Delta Galaxy and several Stars of AeroSpace Fighters and assault DropShips for an assault against the Ice Hellion's Beta Galaxy, the Fredasa-class corvette CIH Whelp, the sorely damaged Lola III-class destroyer CIH Cold Hunter and a small contingent of AeroSpace Fighters. While the Falcons had no WarShips, the arrival of Galaxy Commander Troy DelVillar of the Hell's Horses along with Horses' Theta Galaxy gave the Falcons command of a substantial force.[1]

The Hellion forces commanded by saKhan Connor Rood had gathered at the derelict Dark Nebula Waystation, and it was this the Jade Falcons targeted. The Cold Hunter was in no condition to fight, and surrendered before the Falcon forces reached firing distance; the Potemkin-class cruiser CIH Coterie arrived at the nadir jump point shortly after the allied Falcon and Horses launched their assault, leaving it too far away to assist. That left the Whelp and the minimal fighter presence to defend Beta Galaxy, and the Whelp did her best to disrupt the attack, gutting a part of the incoming wave of enemy forces before being savaged by assault DropShips.[1]

The Whelp was responsible for the destruction of both the Falcon Xi and the other DropShip transporting the Falcon Guards, but the Falcon Xi managed to reorientate itself as it began breaking apart, and launched a final volley against the underbelly of the Whelp. While the Falcon Xi was destroyed, that last parting shot penetrated the Whelp's armor, venting a substantial portion of the ship into space. A Star of Jade Falcon fighters took advantage of this, launching an attack that destroyed the Whelp's bridge.[1][2]


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