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Fallen Idols

Fallen Idols
Product information
Type Short story
Author Nicholas Marsala
Pages 14
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 17 November 2009
Era Jihad era
Timeline 12 June 3069

Fallen Idols is a story by Nicholas Marsala that was published online on BattleCorps on 17 November 2009. It narrates the death of long-standing BattleTech character Dan Allard, from the viewpoint of his subordinate sergeant Chuck Brennan.

Teaser textEdit

The Clan Invasion has come and gone, as has the Marik-Liao Offensive and the FedCom Civil War. A new war has erupted into Jihad, but old enemies remain along the borders. The Jade Falcons are ever restless...

Plot summaryEdit

Clan Jade Falcon has attacked Graceland with some three Galaxies' worth of troops, announcing their arrival but forgoing any bidding of forces or zellbrigen and obviously intent on destruction to the point of using inferno ammunition against the defending Kell Hounds in the woodlands.

Sergeant Chuck Brennan comes to aid fellow MechWarrior Portlly who is being pressed by four enemies. When Brenner arrives Portlly has downed an enemy Kit Fox and Brennan downs a Stormcrow, but then first Portlly's Gunslinger and then also Brennan's Mad Cat are downed. As Brennan tries to pull Portlly from his downed 'Mech's cockpit another Kit Fox walks by. Following a rude gesture by Brennan the Kit Fox actually stops, turns around and aims his laser guns at Brennan, but before he can incinerate him the Kit Fox is in turn destroyed by a newly arrived Kell Hounds Wolfhound piloted by colonel Dan Allard.

While Brennan rescues the unconscious Portlly from the burning wreckage of his 'Mech, Allard fights a much heavier Summoner and destroys it in short order. Realizing that they are being overrun, Allard orders retired lieutenant colonel Brahe to organize a general retreat. Even while the rescue crews from a hovercraft pull him and Portlly to safety, Brennan watches in horror as a Night Gyr and the Elementals it carried overpower and destroy Allard's Wolfhound despite Clarence "Cat" Wilson's best efforts to defend him in his Marauder.

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