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Ferro-Carbide Armor

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Ferro-Carbide armor is a more advanced version of the Ferro-Aluminum armor used by aerospace fighters and the Improved Ferro-Aluminum armor used on some WarShips. Like the Ferro-Aluminum series armors that came before it, Ferro-Carbide armor offers more protection per ton, but is roughly twenty-five times as expensive as standard armor. (Ferro-Aluminum armor is approximately five times as expensive as standard WarShip armor.)[1] Unfortunately, its weight and bulk prohibit its use on anything smaller than a WarShip.

Lamellor Ferro-Carbide ArmorEdit

Lamellor Ferro-Carbide Armor is a more advanced version of Ferro-Carbide armor. It offers the best protection per ton of WarShip armor, but is hugely expensive, costing about 100 times as much as standard WarShip armor.[1]


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