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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Congress


The Congress-class frigate FireCrest (also occasionally spelled Fire Crest or Firecrest) was a WarShip operated by Clan Smoke Jaguar.

Attached to Beta Galaxy the FireCrest took part in the attack on Wolcott on 2 October 3050, where it was noted for entering orbit over the world[1] (it was misreported as a Star Lord-class JumpShip, but JumpShips do not usually leave the jump point; it has officially been ruled by the BattleTech developers that the vessel in question must have been the Congress-class Firecrest[2]) but did not partake in the actual battle. After Tukayyid it was attached to the The Jaguar's Den keshik along with the Essex-class Sabre Cat also known to have operated with Beta during the invasion.[3]

The FireCrest was later captured during Operation Bulldog and was sent to Dieron; it never arrived at its destination, however, and its fate is unknown.[4]


  • A Clan Congress-class Frigate the Fire Rose is reported in the Inner Sphere prior to 3057, it is possible that this is a misidentification of the FireCrest.[5]


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