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The Sprayer is a piece of construction equipment frequently seen in civilian applications.


Found most often on fire-fighting gear, Coolant Trucks, police riot control vehicles, and agricultural vehicles, a Sprayer is simply a hose and pump system that sprays liquids at a target. Though useful in commercial and non-military applications, the Sprayer isn't as effective as the Fluid Gun on the battlefield due to its limited pumping power (which reduces range) and the ineffectiveness of the various sprayed fluids against armored targets. The Sprayer is usually found on IndustrialMechs and vehicles with internal storage tanks.[1]

A Sprayer system can typically pump 10 kilograms of fluid per second.[1]

The Sprayer also gave birth to the Light Fluid Suction System, which is essentially a Sprayer with the hoses reversed so it sucks fluids into storage tanks.[1]


Game RulesEdit

The Sprayer and Light Fluid Suction System can be used by any unit except BattleMechs and ProtoMechs. Sprayers may not gain any benefit from targeting computers or other fire control equipment, so they always have a +2 to hit penalty. They only affect conventional infantry units, acting as a battle armor flamer with a range of 1 hex. To operate the Sprayer or Light Fluid Suction system the engine of the carrying vehicle must be active, and the crew must be awake. A unit mounting a Sprayer or Suction System must devote tonnage to Liquid Storage.

When mounted on an IndustrialMech, a Sprayer/Suction System weighs 0.5 tons; Support vehicle versions of these systems weigh 15 kg. They aren't counted as weapons and so don't require gunners.[1]

A Sprayer costs 1000 C-bills and has an availability code of (B-B-B).[2]


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