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Fontaine Marik

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Fontaine Marik
Affiliation House Brett-Marik
Profession Duke of Tamarind-Abbey
Spouse Karli Marik

Duke Fontaine Marik - 32nd Century's leader of the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey in Free Worlds League.

Fontaine's is descendant of Therese Brett-Marik, daughter of Captain-General Janos Marik and one few people who would have strongest claims to throne of the Free Worlds League. He was married to Karli Marik until her death in 3134 and has no heirs. He is honorable man, with keen mind for politics and warfare. He unlike many of his counterparts in old League, is not actively expanding his claim to re-unify the Free Worlds League.


In 3136, he allowed Christopher Halas-Hughes Marik ski his mountains and meet with him in person. Where he meet with him, suspecting he was relaying a message from his mother, Jessica Halas-Hughes Marik. He despite his initial thoughts of Christopher being reckless and perhaps foolish, found he was man of character. He told Christopher that he would back Jessica's claim to the throne only if she could produce someone with Marik blood. By this action, he set course of events that lead Jessica to leave her husband to take Thaddeus Marik as her husband to win his support.

In November of 3137, he meet with envoy Trillian Steiner, where he angrily accused them of illegal and immortal war against his nation. On the 2nd, on arrival of the Broken Swords battalion in orbit, he declared that peace talks were broken off and talks were fraud. He dispatched his defending First Tamarind Regulars Regiment to engage the Broken Swords and sent people to seize Lyran Consulate

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Duke of Tamarind-Abbey

Succeeded by