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Fort Verdun

Ford Verdun is a Star League Defense Force base constructed on Simpson Desert.[1]

The Fort fell on hard times after the fall of the Star League, by 3060s. Word of Blake forces overlooked the facilities, feeling it was not worth their time to rebuild.[2] The fort's surrounding area had become wilderness by this time.

During the 3130s, the facilities were being used by the planet's militia as a last ditch fortification against invaders. By this time, the fort had been reduced to a series of earthworks, fortifications, concrete emplacements for artillery weaponry, and deep trenches that would slow down a BattleMech and stop vehicles.

In December 3rd, 3137 - The Third Lyran Regulars and First Hesperus Guards invaded the planet as part of their Operation HAMMERFALL, which included the conquest of the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey, which Simpson Desert was part of. The local militia forces known as the "Korp", used the Verdun as their last holdout against the Lyrans. The siege against the Fort lasted for only a couple of days.


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