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Fortress Republic (novel)

This article is about the novel. For the event, see Fortress Republic.
Fortress Republic.jpg
Fortress Republic
Product information
Type Novel
Author Loren L. Coleman
Pages 307
Cover artwork (no attribution)
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
First published 4 October 2005
ISBN-10 0451460537
ISBN-13 978-0451460530
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 3135
Series MechWarrior: Dark Age Novels
Preceded by Heretic's Faith
Followed by Blood Avatar

Fortress Republic, by Loren L. Coleman, chronicles the ramifications of the Fortress Republic plan that reduced The Republic of the Sphere down to those worlds closest to Terra.

From the back coverEdit

Julian DavionPrince's Champion of the Federated Suns—is a warrior who has lost his way. Amidst political turmoil and the shifting fortunes of war, he struggles to find his destiny...

Julian's First Davion Guards have restored order on Terra. The Republic is closing its borders, keeping its core intact while leaving farther-flung worlds to fend for themselves. But The Republic is not only being attacked from without—it's being undermined from within, and the hunt for seditionists continues.

Ex-knight and now-senator Conner Rhys-Monroe still leads the fight to destroy the Republic from the inside. He is expertly opposed by Countess Tara Campbell, leader of the Highlanders and the Republic's best hope on the outside. Terra lies at the center of their titanic tug-of-war, where Julian struggles to keep his footing in a situation shifting like blood-drenched quicksand.


This is the second part of "The Republic of the Sphere" duology, covering the events 3134–3135. This is a very busy period, with the novel steeped in multiple story arcs of events occurring across the remains of The Republic of the Sphere and the Federated Suns. The novel deals with the following major events:

  • The Republic Civil War - The continuation of the conflict between the nobility and the Knights of The Republic. Which highlights Julian Davion's Allied Coalition actions against Conner Rhys-Monroe's expedition force fighting for Ronel and its functional HPG station. Senator Conner needing the station for his region of space, so to secure set for his coalition of worlds. This would secure his region as part of the Senatorial Alliance. Exarch Levin's hard decisions he must take in order to save Devlin Stone's dream of The Republic from dying completely.
  • Swordsworn splinter militia – The Swordsworn's protagonists Aaron Sandoval and Eric Sandoval-Groell continuing struggle to gather and secure more worlds under their control in an attempt to unify them with the Federated Suns. As Aaron and Eric grow restless with each other's methods and views on which way to steer their organization's future.
  • Julian Davion – Julian Davion's story of him struggling under his cousin's, Caleb Davion, leadership as First Prince of the Federated Suns and how trying to fulfilled the now-comatose Prince Harrison Davion's last order to work with the struggling Exarch's forces to fight off the Senator's attempt for control of The Republic.

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