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Frederick Steiner (32nd c.)

Frederick Steiner
Also known as Frederick Frost
Affiliation House Borge-Steiner
Parents Adam Steiner (father)
Heather Fyhne (mother)
Siblings Andrew Steiner
Children Roderick Steiner

Frederick Steiner was the second son of Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth Adam Steiner.

Character HistoryEdit

Though not Archon-Designate like his brother, the pressures upon Frederick to live up to the mark set by his illustrious father effected him greatly, with Frederick and Adam never quite connecting. With a strong sense of self and an independent streak, Frederick was unwilling to trade upon his storied last name and sought to make his way in the world on his own merits, relinquishing the Steiner name and adopting that of Frederick Frost. Frederick would enjoy an exemplary career in the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, marry and had a son, Roderick Steiner.[1]

One of the few times Frederick made use of his family connections was following the accidental death of his wife in 3116, unwilling to end his military career and on frequent deployments he asked his brother Andrew and his father Adam to assist in the raising of Roderick Steiner. His son spent most of his childhood at the palace at Tharkad with Andrew's daughter Melissa and cousin Trillian.[1][2]


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