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Fritz Donner

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Fritz Donner
Died 22 January 3073
Affiliation Circinus Federation
Rank Colonel

Colonel Fritz Donner (30?? - January 22, 3073) was a former Commander of the Black Warriors.[1]


Circinus FederationEdit

Fritz Donner rose to command the Black Warriors between 3058 and 3064.[2][3]

When H.R. "Little Bob" McIntyre died of a Heart attack and saw that Calvin McIntyre would take the President post of the Circinus Federation and take more Word of Blake support, he fled along most of the Black Warriors. The Manei Domini tracked and killed most of the Black Warriors, but not all.

Pawn of the BlakistsEdit

Donner was captured by the Word of Blake in late 3067 and taken to Judgment Point, formerly known as Castle Masters on the Blakist planet Gibson, now the headquarters of Precentor Apollyon. Donner was "interrogated" by the Blakists for almost four years without breaking, until Apollyon personally took over the torture sessions.[4]

As a result, Apollyon brainwashed Donner into doing the bidding of The Master. On January 22, 3073, Donner was scheduled to testify at a summit on Arc-Royal called by Victor Steiner-Davion on fighting against the Blakists; as Donner approached several dignitaries, a suicide bomb grafted to Donner's skeleton detonated, killing Donner and many of the delegates, including Khan Bjorn Jorgensson of Clan Ghost Bear. As a direct result, the effort to fight the Blakists by the various nations of the Inner Sphere was temporarily derailed, but the bombing only infuriated Clan Ghost Bear, who saw such a dishonorable tactic as a valid reason to launch an assault campaign against the Blakists.[citation needed]

Victims of the Donner BombEdit


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