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Fusigon Heavy Weaponry

Fusigon Heavy Weaponry is one of the Free Worlds League's preeminent producers of BattleMech weapons.

Fusigon Heavy Weaponry
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Campbelton
Primary Products Weapons


Fusigon Heavy Weaponry produced laser systems for the FWLM industrial complex for many years. During the Andurien Secession Thomas Marik found that Flame Tech executives were embezzling funds and failing to deliver. Outraged, he nationalized the company, fired the board of directors, and split the company in two. The Flame Tech plant on Campbelton was sold to Fusigon, who merged it with their own production lines.[1]

Though Flame Tech's production was acceptable, they still had severe problems and sank into debt.[2] In 3065 Fusigon absorbed the still struggling Flame Tech corporation and combined research and development programs. Flame Tech now exists only as a brand name for goods exported out of the Free Worlds League. Products intended for League use are listed under the Fusigon name.[1] During and after the Jihad Flame Tech's sole weapon didn't receive the demand of other weapons systems. In 3079 Fusigon's leadership began talking about moving the plant's equipment to Campbelton and shutting down the Fletcher plant completely.[3]

The CEO in 3067 is Jolana Sochova.[1]


Fusigon Heavy Weaponry has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Campbelton:[4][5]
Small Laser
Component Type
ChisComp 32 Griffin[4]
Medium Laser
Omicron 3000 Stinger[4]
Omicron 4000 Quickdraw[4]
Fusigon Longtooth Griffin, Warhammer, BattleMaster, Awesome /Shipped to Federated Commonwealth for Griffin and Warhammer[4]
Fusigon XI [citation needed]
Snub-Nose PPC
Fusigon Smarttooth [citation needed]


Components produced on Fletcher: [2]
Component Type
Flame Tech K-213 Stinger and Vulcan[2]
Vehicular Flamer
Flame Tech K-135 [citation needed]


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