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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Galisteo nearby systems (3151)
Galisteo nearby systems (3151)
(Map Legend)
System Information
X:Y Coordinates -355.928 : -71.907[e]

The Galisteo system was home to at least one habitable world and as at 3145 was located in the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey province of the Free Worlds League.[1][2]

System DescriptionEdit

The Galisteo system is located near the Alorton and Cerillos systems.[1][2]

System HistoryEdit

The Galisteo system was settled at some point during or prior to the Age of War.[3]

Political AffiliationEdit

Planetary HistoryEdit

First ExodusEdit

When Galisteo and the other two Southwest Trinity worlds were first settled, they had originally formed a bandit kingdom known as the Intendancy of New New Spain. When the Free Worlds League conquered and then absorbed the three cantankerous worlds, it was considered a major coup by the long-suffering neighboring worlds, and went a long way towards influencing those worlds to view the Free Worlds League favorably.[30]

The JihadEdit

Following the dissolution of the Free Worlds League in January 3079, elements within the Lyran Alliance moved to annex a number of former League worlds between August and September that year. Galisteo was one of seven worlds conquered during this period, and the invasion only stopped when Archon Adam Steiner declared that any other bouts of what he termed "unauthorized adventurism" would be considered an act of treason.[24] The capture of Gallisteo led to the notable mercenary command known as the Seventeenth Recon Regiment or Camacho's Caballeros to arrange a negotiated surrender to the Alliance, placing them in Lyran employ for an eight-year period and sparing the Trinity Worlds from further damage. As a result of the surrender, the Caballeros defended Galisteo and a number of other nearby worlds from attacks launched out of the former worlds of the Circinus Federation over a nine-month period in the early 3080s.[25]

The Dark AgeEdit

When the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey launched a campaign in the early 3140s to regain worlds captured by the Lyran Commonwealth, Camacho's Caballeros fought against the Tamarind forces on both Cerillos and Galisteo. The odds the Caballeros faced were overwhelming, leading the Caballeros to eventually surrender, negotiating a transfer of their contract of employment to the Duchy under the same terms and conditions as those offered by the Lyrans; the Caballeros' loyalty towards Galisteo and the other two Trinity Worlds remained both fierce and fanatical.[25]

Military DeploymentEdit



  • First Free Worlds Guards[31]



  • Swann's Cavaliers[33]



- At this point in time, the unit was at 80% of full strength, with 100% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


Nearby SystemsEdit

Closest 32 systems (31 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Alorton 14.1 Cerillos 16.8 Pencader 19.9 Poulsbo 21.1
Schererville 22.7 Griffith 22.7 Timbiqui 25.6 Calchedon 26.5
Circinus 33.0 Zuhbehr 33.9 Penobscot 34.8 Edmondson 35.5
Khon Kaen 38.3 Starshine 39.0 Dalcour 40.0 Epsilon 41.6
Maderas 42.3 Saltillo 46.4 Maxwell 47.5 Diamantina 49.5
Abramkovo 49.9 Green Stone 50.6 Eion 51.0 Promised Land 51.6
Cavanaugh 52.5 Curaumilla 53.7 Rajkot 54.0 Kosciusko 56.5
Madiun 56.7 Biloela 59.4 Bobruisk 59.8 Stantsiya 61.2


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