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George Hasek (30th c.)

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George Hasek I
Died 30 May 3013
Affiliation House Hasek
Profession Duke of New Syrtis
Siblings Tamara Hasek[1]
Children Michael Hasek
Rebecca Hasek

George Hasek, late thirtieth century March Lord of the Capellan March in the Federated Suns. Coming to power in 2981,[2] he served as March Lord until his death in 3013 of natural causes.[3]

Character BriefEdit

George Hasek was noted for his efforts to build up the Capellan March. His political handwork was admired, especially with his dedication to the March and the Federated Suns.

He had two children. His son was Michael Hasek, who loved his father and wanted to build on his work, but only for his own purposes. George was unaware of his son's true intentions or his dirty political scheming.

He also had a younger daughter named Rebecca Hasek who took on the political control of the March while her brother led its military.

George Hasek passed away in his sleep on New Syrtis in 3013.

Titles and PositionsEdit


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