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Golden Keshik (Clan Coyote)

Golden Keshik
Nickname Guardians of the Prophecy
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Parent Command Alpha Galaxy


The Golden Keshik has long been the premier unit of the Clan Coyote touman. During Khan Sullivan Koga's reorganization efforts in 3052 the Keshik was assigned to Alpha Galaxy, and many of its warriors were encouraged to apply for command slots in other units in the Coyote touman. As a result, between 3052 and 3059, the Keshik lacked some of the cohesion and skill it had once possessed.[1]

While leading a Trial of Possession against Clan Star Adder forces on Huntress in November 3062, Khan Sullivan Koga was killed; presumably while leading the Golden Keshik.[2] In 3067 the Keshik was stationed on Strana Mechty.[3]

The presence of the WarShip the Great Coyote Spirit in the defense of Tamaron from Clan Steel Viper in late 3074 may indicate that the Golden Keshik was present at this battle.[4]

The Keshik survived the Society revolt[5][6], indicating that the warriors forming the unit in 3075 either did not join with the revolt or could not positively be identified as collaborating and had won a Trial of Refusal to retain their position. It is possible the Keshik was completely rebuilt with fresh warriors by Khan Leo Koga.[7]

The Golden Keshik was part of the multi-Clan force that landed on Circe in October 3075 as part of the Trial of Annihilation against Clan Steel Viper. Led by Khan Leo Koga the Keshik along with the Eighty-first Strike Cluster blunted a Viper counterattack and pinned the Vipers in place long enough for forces of Clan Stone Lion to attack and push the Vipers back. Eventually the defenders were destroyed after being hunted through the ruins of Dehra Dun.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Golden Keshik
Khan Sullivan Koga 3052 - 3062[1]
Khan Silas Kufahl 3062 - 3072[3][8]


The Golden Keshik was traditionally led by the Khan of the Clan, although a Star Colonel would tend to the day to day administration.


The Keshik preferred to fight as an independent unit.

Composition HistoryEdit


Golden Keshik - Veteran/Fanatical [1]


Golden Keshik - Veteran/Fanatical [3]

  • 100% full strength with 100% of the force equipped with OmniMechs.

Naval AssetsEdit


The Keshik can use overrun movement if no other friendly clusters are on the battlefield. If there are they lose this ability and gain a -2 to initiative.[10]


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