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Golden Ten Universities

The Golden Ten Universities of the Terran Hegemony were the pinnacle of education within the Hegemony and the Star League.


Built during the 2580s, the Golden Ten represented the ideal of House Cameron's educational goals. Scholarships were bestowed by House Cameron to students from across the width and breadth of the Star League, based solely upon the student's grades rather than political pull or social connection. Graduates from the Golden Tens usually went on to become important members of the Star League's bureaucratic and diplomatic corps. [1]

Unfortunately due to the location of the Golden Ten universities within the borders of the Terran Hegemony, almost all suffered crippling damage during the fall of the Star League between the Amaris Coup and First Succession War.[1]

University of ThorinEdit

Nestled in the dark forests of Thorin's northern continent, the University of Thorin's focus was on economics. The university suffered severe damage during Operation APOTHEOSIS with the deserted campus abandoned and ultimately reclaimed by nature.[1]

Caph Institute of TechnologyEdit

Built atop a high high surrounded by the electronic barriers used to keep Caph's trademark lizards from entering, the Caph Institute of Technology specialized in the study of natural sciences, particularly paleontology and chemistry. Among CIT's most notable developments was the famed Jamerson-Ulikov Water Purifier. The Institute's campus was guttered by the Amaris Empire Military troops, the scraps left behind obliterated during the bitter fighting between the Great Houses to claim Caph during the early Succession Wars.[1]

Universities of the Puget Sound StatesEdit

A group of five universities and collages located near the Court of the Star League on Terra, three of the Universities of the Puget Sound States were destroyed during Amaris's take-over of Terra with the remaining two used as receiving points for the information taken from other the other Golden Ten Universities, with the Pacific Lutheran University destroyed during Operation LIBERATION. The sole remaining college, the University of Washington, survived the war only to be left a shadow of its former self when most of the information in its extensive computer system was wiped clean a week before General Aleksandr Kerensky formally set Operation EXODUS in motion.[1]

Academies of KeidEdit

Actually three separate colleges (the Juden College of Metallurgy, the Deborah Cameron College of Diplomatic Studies and the Simon DeFrey College of Economics), all three held to high standards which ensured its graduates usually became prominent in their respective fields. Amaris troops destroyed the primary campuses of all three, but didn't realize that an annex of the Academies of Kied existed on the opposite side of the planet, serving as vital information sources for future generations.[1]

University of MarsEdit

Specializing in journalism, the students of the University of Mars produced the Martian Times, an influential newspaper sold throughout the Hegemony as well as a respected holonews program. The teachers and students of the university were murdered by Republican troops after they steadfastly refused to publish propaganda for Emperor Stefan Amaris, but much historical information would be later recovered from the ruins.[1]

New Earth UniversityEdit

Focused on the operation and maintenance of commercial spacecraft, the New Earth University was divided into two campuses, an academic center located on New Earth's surface and a massive space station that served as the university's JumpShip and DropShip training center. Both campuses were destroyed during Operation APOTHEOSIS.[1]

James McKenna UniversityEdit

Located in the Terran city of Glasgow and named for the Terran Hegemony's founder, the James McKenna University was devoted to foreign relations, its top graduates joining the Star League's diplomatic corps. Rim Worlds forces defaced the university during APOTHEOSIS, its campuses obliterated during the battles to liberate Terra.[1]

College of TalithaEdit

Maintaining close ties with the Hegemony Research and Development Centers, the College of Talitha specialized in design studies. This resulted in extensive attention from Amaris forces during the take over of the Hegemony, leaving the college abandoned after stripping it of its students and facility along with its records and secret projects.[1]

University of LambrechtEdit

Most notably the Alma-mater of ComStar founder Jerome Blake, the University of Lambrecht focused on sciences like astronomy and physics. The school was destroyed in the campaign to liberate the world from Amaris.[1]

Addicks UniversityEdit

Addicks University was a teaching college that operated other schools, allowing student teachers to get hands-on experience while providing education to its neighbors. The campus was completely destroyed.[1]


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